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Sitcoms Essay, Research Paper


Agatha Christie


I think that the book Curtain, by Agatha Christie was very enjoyable.

In this book, Hecule Poirot invites his friend, Detective Arthur Hastings, to

his home estate. Hercule Poirot is a wealthy detective that is dying. Arthur

accepts his invitation because he wants to see his daughter and to help his

old friend. Hercule Poirot is lead to believe that someone living on his estate

is plotting to commit murder or possible murders. Arthur thinks that

Hercule Poirot must be crazy or lonely to come up with that but is

shocked when murder starts to take place.

The part I enjoyed most was the last chapter when Hercule Poirot

describes how the killer got away with the murders. This was enjoyable

because the murderer was so careful in hiding himself from suspicion that it

was hard to figure out. Hercule Poirot tells how the murderer slipped Mrs.

Franklin poison in her coffee, how they shot Norton without anyone around

to hear it, and who was person X. Hercule Poirot goes into detail on

how Arthur should have solved the murder and how he himself actually

committed it.

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