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Where The Heart Is Essay, Research Paper

Where the Heart Is

This book is a story about a girl s travels and a short part of her life story. It starts off when she is riding in a car with her boyfriend, Willy Jack. They are traveling away from their hometown. The girl Nova Lee is pregnant with Willy Jack s child. Willy Jack has a cousin in California that has a job for him to do so he can make money for Nova Lee and their baby. Nova Lee needs to stop to use the bathroom so they stop at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma. Willy Jack ends up leaving Nova Lee inside the Wal-Mart because he becomes extremely impatient. Lost and confused Nova Lee waits and waits for Willy Jack to come back. When he doesn t return she ends up deciding to live in walmart. Along the way she meets lots of new friends. Some of them include Sister Husband, Forny Hull, Moses Whitecotton and Lexie Coop.

These people take her on an amazing journy. She beocmes quick friends with the people in the small town in oklahoma. One night Nova Lee went into labor inside of wal mart and since walmart was closed forny jumped through the window to help her deliver the baby. When she was in the hospitol she received tons of letters and donations to help her and the baby. Even Sam Walton the owner of Wal Mart came to the hospitol to visit Nova Lee and offer her a job at Wal Mart. Sister Husband offered to let Nova Lee and the baby live with Sister in her trailor.

So now Nova Lee is out of the hospitol and doing fine, her and the her baby, Americus, are living with sister. Nova Lee has a horrible fear of the number seven. She believes something bad always happens with sevens. Like when Americus was seven months old she was kidnapped. Thankfully she was returned.

Nova Lee took Americus to get pictures taken with Moses Whitecotton who is a childrens photographer. He convinced Nova Lee she should become a photographer because she had a real skill. So she started taking classes in photography.

Everything was going fine until one day a hurricane swept through…

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