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Pretty Women Essay, Research Paper

Carolyn O?Connor

?Pretty Women?


?Pretty Women?, directed by Garry Marshall, is a light, bubbly, romantic comedy. On a scale from 1-5 (five being the best), I rate this movie a five. The story plot of this film appeals to the emotion of the audience. Between the romance, greed, lust, and power of this film, the audience can relate with these typical issues. Also, I thought the acting was phenomenal by both Gere and Roberts. There was intense passion between them throughout the film, very convincing. ?Pretty Women?, portrays the bad end of the stick life dishes out normally, and the knight in shining armor that possibly may come rescue you.

?Pretty Women?, reminds me of the famous fairy tale of ?Cinderella?, the theme of both films relate. Both share the story line of a confident women working hard on every challenge life threw at her. Finally her day comes when a handsom man will rescue her form her pit of despair, and take her in his arms. Cinderella?s life hadn?t gone exactly as she planned, she found herself in rags her whole life. ?Pretty Women?, is a nineties version with a little less fiction and a little more harsh reality. Julia Roberts plays a carefree prostitute named Vivian Ward. Her co-star Richard Gere is a successful corporate terminator named Edward Lewis. Their lives are worlds apart until they meet on the corner one night. In a matter of days Vivian goes from rags to riches, her new sweetie Edward opens her eyes to the finer things in life. Vivian?s energetic spirit challenges Edward?s no non- sense, business minded approach to life. Vivian had a blast ?working? for Edward, so much she accidentally fell in love with him. When it came time for Vivian to leave, Edward offered her an apartment, clothes, happiness, all paid for if she stayed. Vivian refused and was disappointed in Edward?s poor decision to buy her the way he had everyone else. Eventually, Edward understands what Vivian wanted, and goes to rescue his love, not with his money, but with his heart. Vivian teaches him that love is the best investment he ever made.

The camera crew and director use personal shots to convey intimacy between the two characters. Vivian and Edward have a few love scenes, and in order to convince the audience of the passion and heat between them, personal shots are used. When the two lovers kiss on the mouth for the first time, a personal shot is used, the audience is more susceptible in feeling the passion of their first kiss. The personal shot angle is used to convey a more comfortable vibe for the audience. In ?Cinderella?, in the closing scene, Cinderella and her prince are wed. They hop into a carriage and proceed to ride away into the sunset. The two characters lean in for a kiss and the camera focuses in on a personal shot. This final shot includes both of their faces puzzled together in a kiss. Although, the age of the audience may vary, this personal shot is successful in convincing the audience. In the opening scene of ?Pretty Women


Marshall, Gary. “Pretty women” (1994)

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