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King Arthur by Roger Lancelyn Green

Book I: The Coming of Arthur

The Two Swords- Arthur pulls a sword from a stone and becomes king. Then he goes to the Lady of the Lake and she gives him the sword Excalibur and the magic scabbard.

Balyn and Balan- Balyn gets a cursed sword and kills the Lady of the Lake. He goes after Garlon the invisible evil night and finds the Castel Carbonek. He stricks King Pelles with the Dolorous Stroke then fights his brother unknowingly and they kill each other.

The First Quest of the Round Table- King Arthur marries Guinevere on Pentecost and Sir Gawine, Sir Tor, and King Pellinore go on the first quest of the Round Table. They go after a white hart, a brachet, and a knight and a damsel.

The Magic of Nimue and Morgana Le Fae- Nimue puts Merlin in a deep sleep in a tower where he cannot get out. Arthur’s sister Morgana Le Fae, tricks him into doing battle against his own knight who has his sword, Excalibur. While he is sleeping, she steals his magic scabbard and throws it into the lake.

Book II: The Knights of the Round Table

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight- The Green Knight makes a deal with Gawain who must meet him a year later to have his head cut off. A year later Gawain goes out to find him like he promised. And stays at a man’s house where he is treated very well. The man ends up to be the Green Knight and and does not kill Gawain because he has proven that he is a noble knight.

The First Quest of Sir Launcelot- King Arthur knights Launcelot, Hector his brother, and Lionel his cousin. Then Sir Launcelot kills the evil knight Sir Turquyn and saves many of the Knights of the Round Table. He also performs many other good deeds, and Lady Allewes tries to kill him.

Sir Gareth, or the Knight of the Kitchen- Given the name Beaumans (fair hands) by Sir Kay, Gareth asks for a quest from King Arthur. After he kills the Black Knight, Sir Launcelot knights him. He then defeats the Green, Blue, and Red Knight and marries Lady Linnet after saving her sister, Lady Liones.

Sir Tristram and the Fair Iseult- A mistral comes into King Arthur’s court and tells the tale of how Sir Tristram drank a love potion and fell in love with Iseult the Fair, his uncle’s wife, and became banished. The mistral ends up to be Tristram, and is made a knight of the Round Table. He marries another Iseult, but dies and so does Iseult the Fair.

Geraint and Enid- Geraint chases after evil Duke Yder after he insults Queen Guinevere. He defeats Duke Yder and proclaims Enid the loveliest maiden in the world. Sir Oringle tries to take Enid, but Geraint slays him and marries Enid.

Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell- Gawain makes a sacrifice to marry an ugly hag so he can save King Arthur’s life by getting an answer to a riddle. Once they are married, Gawain kisses her and she turns back into a beautiful maiden.

Sir Percivale of Wales- Percivale, who lived in the forest with his mother, meets Sir Launcelot and goes out in search to become a knight. He is taught by Sir Gonemans, and gets to see the Holy Grail. He finds King Arthur and is made a knight.

The Story of Launcelot and Elaine- Launcelot finds the Castle Carbonek, where the Holy Grail is kept. Elaine falls in love with him and pretends to be Guinevere. Launcelot wanders around insane while Elaine has his child, Galahad.

Book III: The Quest of the Holy Grail

How the Holy Grail came to Camelot- Galahad is knighted by his father Launcelot and get the sword that Balyn killed Balan with and sits in the siege perilous. The Holy Grail comes when all the sieges at the round table are filled.

The First Adventures of Sir Galahad- Sir Galahad is given a white shield with a red cross on it that was made with Joseph of Arimathea’s blood. He comes to a crossroad where he chooses the correct path and ends up on the enchanted ship where Sir Bors de Gannis and Sir Percivale are waiting for him.

The First Adventures of Sir Galahad- Percivale is tricked twice and almost loses his quest. When he makes the sign of the cross he is saved. He meets his sister, Dindrane, and boards the Enchanted ship.

The Adventures of Sir Bors de Gannis- Sir Bors is told by a hermit to eat and drink nothing but bread and water. Then he comes to a fork in the road where he tricked to help a maiden, rather than help his brother, Lionel. He then finds Lionel, who almost kills him, but then is cured of his evil.

The Adventures of Sir Launcelot- Launcelot met everyone on the enchanted ship and it sets sail. They reach the Castle of the Maiden where Dindrane gives blood to cure the maiden of the castle, but Dindrane dies of blood lose..Percivale stays to pray for her, Launcelot goes to help a wounded knight, and Galahad and Sir Bors set sail for Castle Carbonek.

How Launcelot and Gawain came to Carbonek- Gawain and Launcelot meet each other and go to the Castle Carbonek. Gawain has only water and no wine, and takes away the curse of Desolation. Launcelot is not allowed near the Holy Grail because of his sins.

The End of the Quest- Galahad drinks the Holy Grail and Naciens is able to die in peace. Then Galahad cures King Pelles who also dies in Peace. Percivale and Blanchefleur are married and Galahad dies.

Book IV: The Departing of Arthur

Launcelot and Guinevere- Guinevere is hostage by Sir Melliagraunce. Then Agravain and Mordred spy on Guinevere and Launcelot and they overhear their plans.

The Plots of Sir Mordred- Launcelot and Guinevere are caught, but he escapes and saves Guinevere from being burned at the stake. Then he accidentally kills Gareth and Gaheris, Gawain’s brother, and a war is started. Sir Mordred comes to gight Arthur and Gawain dies, writing a letter to Launcelot, forgiving him and begging him to come and help.

The Last Battle- Gawain comes to Arthur in a dream and warns him to make peace with Mordred for a month until Launcelot comes. The men attack during during the treaty and Arthur kills Mordred, but receives a very bad wound and is taken away on a barge with Nimue and Morgana le Fay.

Epilogue: Avalon- Sir Launcelot becomes a Frier and Guinevere becomes a nun. A shepherd claims to have found where King Arthur and his knights of the round table are sleeping, but he never finds the spot again.


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