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In my book, it starts out in a town of Thornhill. This is where Vicky lives. She has a brother that is very good friends with this guy named Adam Eddington. She starts out by liking this guy but she doesn’t know if she should because he is a marine biologist and is starting to travel a lot and plus, he is her brothers friend and that wouldn’t be right.

Well, she couldn’t help liking him and so she starts trying become a lot closer to him. He went off to New York for awhile but then called them one night to say he was going to come and spend some time with his Aunt Serena that lived in a nearby town. She was very pleased, and Adam was a friend of the whole family so she invited him over for dinner. He accepted and came over that night he came home.

Adam and Vicky became a lot friendlier that night and he invited her over to spend time with him and his Aunt. Vicky jumped right at the chance and they went to Aunt Serena’s house.

Vicky was fascinated about all the adventures that Adam and his Aunt were telling her about. Then they told her that Adam was really Adam III and was named after his father that was great explorer called Adam II. They said that he went to Antarctica and went out on a expedition and never came back. That was rather odd to everyone that heard about that because he was very experienced and well traveled.

Then the cook that worked for Aunt Serena came out and introduced himself. He told her that his name was Adam Cook but everyone calls him Cook and Vicky just giggled at how many Adam’s there were. Then he told Vicky that he was on some expeditions with Adam II and that’s how he met Aunt Serena and Adam III.

Adam was just given a chance to go over to Antarctica to research many things over there so he couldn’t turn down the chance. He left for Antarctica but didn’t go straight there. He took the most direct way to get there but he spent more time in the cities that the planes stopped in. Adam II had a journal from back when he was alive and Aunt Serena still had it and Adam III was going to be going to every place where his father went to.

While Adam was gone and on his way to Antarctica, Vicky became very close with Aunt Serena and after school everyday she went to her house to spend time with her. When she was there she always went up in the attic to do her homework and when she was done she would always look at the things that Aunt Serena had stored up there all these years.

One day she was snooping around and saw a letter from Adam II to Cook and raced downstairs and gave the letter to Cook. When he opened it and looked at it he gaped in horror and ran out the door without a word.

Vicky didn’t dare ask what the letter was about the nest day and went on talking with Aunt Serena. While talking to her, Aunt S. realized how much Vicky liked Adam. She was asking all kinds of questions to Vicky but Vicky didn’t really know what to say.

Vickys’ birthday was coming up so Aunt Serena bought her a planned vacation to go to Antarctica. Vicky didn’t know what to say because she didn’t even know if she could go or not. So she told her parents about it and they said she could go.

She was going to leave in about one week and she went to school one day and there was a note card in her locker saying “THOSE CONSIDERING FOREIGN TRAVEL HAD BETTER WATCH THEIR TONGUES.” This frightened her but she didn’t want to tell anyone about it so that she would still be able to go. So she didn’t do anything about that one but then the next day there was another note card her locker. This one said “TOO MANY ADAM’S, TOO MANY QUESTIONS, STAY OUT OF IT.” This was a major deal now and Vicky was tentative on if she should go or not. Then when she got home there were some letters from Adam for her. On his letters, he was saying very pleasant things but then when he started to travel farther toward Antarctica, his postcards were getting weirder. He would always warn her about something in a weird way as if his letters were being read before they were sent. This freaked out Vicky but she still didn’t tell anyone.

She finally started on her voyage to Antarctica. She went to many small towns and cities but the one that was weird was Vespugia. When she was there, they went to visit the pyramids and someone tried to push Vicky off the top of the pyramid. This was not an accident.

She was always with Cook who was going to stay with her until they got to the Falklands and then he would then go to visit his brother. Then she would be all alone but she made some friends that are on the trip with her so she was going to be okay.

They were heading for Antarctica and on the way, there on the boat there were some unusual things going on. One night Vicky woke up and couldn’t sleep so she went out to get something to drink, but when she was out there, Otto (who was staying on the boat with them) came out of his room with a big crate and went out onto dock to throw it overboard. Vicky witnessed the whole thing, but what she didn’t realize was that someone else was also watching and so then on those people watching were trying to kill her because they thought she had important information about Antarctica. And what the book didn’t make the reader realize until later in the book was that Adam II was killed on an expedition, but was not an accident.

He was trying to preserve Antarctica and when people were going to drill into the ice for new kinds of power, he shut them down. This turned many bad people against Adam II and so they killed him on an expedition somehow.

Because Adam III was named after his dad who happened to be the guy that a lot of people wanted to kill, this made Adam III a target to kill. When Adam III was writing letters to Vicky, in America saying how she was going to come, this made her a target to kill. Then when the people saw her out in the middle of the night on the boat then they really targeted her to kill.

One day when they were on an expedition out on a huge iceberg, their group split up and everything went wrong from there. One guy was injured and was rushed to the nearest hospital on mainland leaving Vicky alone with the people that wanted to kill her. They took her in a Zodiac (boat) and went away to sea. They went far and then they just dropped her off on an iceberg and left.

She was left there for days, and then finally Cook, Adam, and Cook’s brother came and found her. Then they took her back to the mainland and got ever thing straightened out with the people that wanted to kill her. They were political people who were just trying to protect their country and they had a little mistaken identity.


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