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Every day, an overwhelming amount of human

beings? lives are terminated. The culprit: unwanted pregnancies. Many woman

are (not by choice), becoming pregnant as a result of unsafe sex, rape,

and other things. So what is one to do when they discover that they?re

pregnant? They have some alternatives: (1) have the child and raise it

(2) have the child, then give it up for adoption (3) get an abortion. Sadly,

many women choose alternative three, unaware of what they?re getting themselves

into. Abortion is very cruel to the baby and even harms the mother. It

is murder!

There are many different procedures for

abortions, all gruesome and pain inflicting on the baby. Suction Aspiration

(vacuum curettage) makes up for 98% of first trimester abortions. The cervix

is first dilated. Then a suction tube with a sharp cutting edge is inserted

which rips the baby to pieces. It then sucks out all the remains. If the

mother waits until the third trimester (when the baby is more developed),

then she must have Partial Birth Abortion. Using Ultra-sound, the doctor

grabs the baby?s legs and forces out all but the head. Scissors are then

jammed into the back of the skull and opened, creating a larger hole. A

suction tube sucks the brains out, causing the skull to collapse. Then

the dead baby is removed.

Believe it or not, the mother is also harmed.

In Suction Aspiration, if any tissue is left inside, it?ll become infected.

For Methoxotrexate Injection, another type of abortion, Methoxotrexate

can produce ill side effects such as anemia, nausea, cancer, lung disease,

and heavy bleeding. Just think of the mental trauma the mother is also

feeling. She has the forever-guilty conscience of being responsible for

her own child?s death. Many mothers say, “I?ll regret it for the rest of

my life.”

“I feel like crawling into a hole and dying,”

says another mother after the operation.

A common argument is that abortion isn?t

murder because the baby isn?t alive. But on the contrary: life begins at

conception. After only 18 days, the heart is formed, and after 20 the brain,

spinal cord, and nervous system are developing. A mere four days later,

the heart starts beating. Is abortion murder though? According to the Webster

Dictionary, abortion is to terminate a pregnancy because the baby is not

capable of living. Murder is to kill another human being. A human being

is defined as a member of the species Homo sapiens, which includes embryos,

fetuses, adults, and everyone with similar genetic coding. Therefore, if

a baby is viable, then it?s murder, not abortion, because abortion is when

the baby isn?t capable of living.

Hopefully in the future, more people will

be aware of the cruelty of abortion and the numbers will drop. Instead,

try single-parenting or giving him/her up for adoption. There are currently

400,000 couples in America trying to adopt. Keep others aware of this horrible

procedure. Spare a life.

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