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Araby Essay, Research Paper


1) Summary:

This short story is about a boy (narrator) who is attracted to his friend?s

sister, she is also his neighbor. Narrator is a boy who has probably just started his

puberty. He lived in a Christian neighborhood, some of his friends lived in the same

neighborhood. One of his friends lived right across the street from him, and he had

a sister about his age. He was in love with her, and waited everyday to catch a

glimpse of her. As he said, ?Every morning I lay on the floor in the front parlor

watching her door.? (431). One day he went to the room where his former tenant

has died. Still thinking about her, as if he had a dream, She appeared and told him

that he should go to Araby. She told him that she could not go because of retreat at

her convent. He promised her that he will go. He told his uncle that he want to go

there and though amazed his uncle said yes. On Sunday, the day of the Araby, he

could not wait for his uncle to get home. But his uncle was late, still he gave narrator

money to go to Araby. Narrator was excited, and made to the bazaar as soon as he

could. But when he got there bazaar was almost closed. There was hardly anything

open. A few stalls that were open were about to be close. He went to one stall but did

not see anything he liked. Shortly after they announced the closing and shut off

the lights. ?I heard a voice call from one end of the gallery that the light was out.?

(433). Now standing almost in darkness, narrator felt real angry because he went

through all this trouble for mere beauty.

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