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Start Again

Starting a new life in another country can be extremely stressful. To adapt to a different culture, to lack of financial support and absence of the family can be a very threatening situation.

First, to use to a different culture almost always means to learn a different language. To illustrate, it is very frustrated situation when you try to speak and anybody understands what are you taking about. In addition, you have to know how the social and economical system of the new country works, including the law.

Another stressful situation is the deficit of money to support yourself. Most immigrants, in order to survive have to make the hardest works because they do not have legal permission to work.

Finally, feel absence of the family can cause high stress and sadness. For example, there are immigrants that let their native country for political reason and they are not allowed to go back to their countries. Therefore, they have to wait years to see their family again.

To summarize, immigrants have a hard time and unpleasant experiences when they start a new life far away from their native country. For that reason, it is very important for all immigrants to be prepared to confront those stressful situations that can affect them.

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