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Computer Systems Analyst Essay, Research Paper

Computer System Analyst Most people that come out of college with a degree have their mind set on what they want to be. They have chosen a career that they would like to work at and enjoy. Usually the average person wants good income, but at the same time also wants good job satisfaction. In the next 10 years the need for computer system analysts will dramatically rise. System analysts do the planning, scheduling, and coordination of activities required to develop methods of processing data (System Analysts, 343). Computers, at first, were very large and took up many, many feet of building space. The first computers also generated so much heat that super air conditioners were needed to keep the work area cool. Unfortunately, the first computers did not run very well. They had to be programmed over and over again to perform one simple task. An operator could start a computer to perform an operation, but soon after it would break down and need to be fixed. Operators spent more time fixing the computers that running them. The computer is an elaborate counting machine, and counting machines have been with us since the Chinese developed the abacus 3,000 years ago (System analysts, 343). The abacus was the first counting machine used by the Chinese. The inventors were making all these new and improved computers, then the need for humans; actual people to operate the machines arose. This is where computer system analysts came into play. System engineers help clients determine the type of equipment needed to provide the data processing capabilities they require (System analysts, 344). There came a need for people that could write programs so that the computers could understand the data. This is where computer application engineers came into focus. Computer applications engineers prepare mathematical models of scientific and engineering problems, then draw data flow charts of mathematical steps required to solve them and setup analog or hybrid computer systems to obtain the solutions (System analysts, 344). Most of the time when a college graduate is looking for a job there is most certainly going to be a job for him/her. One looking for a job would like to know what the job place is going to be like and what type of environment he/she will be working at. Analysts begin an assignment by discussing the data processing problem with managers or specialist to determine the exact nature of the problem and to break it down into its component parts (Computer system analysts, 74). Once a design for the system has been developed the analysts prepare charts and diagrams that describe it in terms that managers and other users can understand (System analysts, 72). Employers look for graduates the have some type of college degree. Also expect the graduate to have a high school diploma. Employer usually want analysts with a background in accounting or business management for working in the business environment, while a background in the physical sciences, applied mathematics, or engineering is preferred for working in a scientifically oriented organizations (Computer system analysts, 74). Technological advances come so rapidly in the computer field that continuous study is necessary to skills up to date. Training usually take form of 1 and 2 week courses offered my employers and software vendors (74). Computer system analysts sometimes have to work long hours to accomplish jobs and projects. The job can be stressful at times when things do not go as planned. Sometimes you will find yourself staying up long hours fixing last minute problems that may occur. System analysts must be able to think logically, have good communication skills, and like working with ideal people. They often deal with a number of tasks simultaneously. The ability to concentrate and pay close attention is also important (Computer system analysts, 75). Most of the time the work environment can be laid back when things are going as planned. Sometimes when things are not going as planned things get out of hand. Scott Anderson of National Instruments stated that, the work environment is great most of the time but when systems are down and millions of dollars are being lost because the company can t work properly then it is very tense . Most of the offices that people work at are cubicle format. The typical office is a person or persons having a computer, telephone, and resources. The general office is that of a secretary, but a lot less messy. The employer usually makes its employees comfortable at work. The employers keep its employees comfortable with nice adjustable chairs and big foam padding, to avoid an employee from getting back pain or other serious pains causing leave from work. This keeps the employer from paying damages to the employee. In this specific job, one will encounter many different nationalities and races. There will be many people that a computer system analyst will have to learn to work and communicate with. Usually when there is a task to be completed a group of system analysts will get together to work on the task, or each team member will be split apart a given a specific task to do that will eventually lead to completion of the project.

All computer system analysts start out at base pay just like anyone else would. Entry level work can start in the $28,000 to $32,000 range without a college degree ( Computer Programmer, JobSearch). Most starting computer system analysts start out at about $9.50 per hour (Electronic Mail Interview, Scott Anderson). I have heard of people (with a 2-year Associates degrees) getting offers from $50,000 to $75,000 for their Windows NT knowledge (Electronic Mail Interview, Scott Anderson). Some employers offer scholarships to those are going to work there. The company will pay for your college. Most companies also offer insurance at a business discount. A person could get their insurance cheaper thought their place of business rather than going out and finding some other insurance. Companies also offer on site insurance to cover their employees from accidents. One can also get their dental insurance at a company discount rather that paying higher for a different insurance. Some jobs offer quarterly bonuses to some people with good reviews and good work performance. Teams that complete tasks or project early or considerably outstanding are eligible for project bonuses. Like before beginners start out the bottom of the ladder. They have to work their way up and get job promotions. Usually at the end of every quarter there are either pay raises or there are bonus checks. It takes a long time for you to make high pay. The key is: you just have to work your way up the ladder until you get to the top but don t stop. When a person goes to find a job to be a computer systems analysts he/she will like to see something that he/she created go into the simple home computer or be used by businesses across the nation. Probably the best benefit in my mind is to see something that you actually created come to life and is being put in a homeowner s personal computer (Electronic Mail Interview, Scott Anderson). In a nutshell, computer system analysts are a fun and never ending career to get into. Computer, today, are getting faster and smaller. And they will keep getting smaller and faster as companies are in the product war of the 19 century. One company comes out with a new product that can beat anyone else s product. Then another company introduces something else to overthrow the other company s product, and so on. The world of computers is growing ever so rapidly that in the next 5 to 10 year’s students will be issued laptops at school to do away with schoolbooks. Everything will be done on the student s computer. In an interview with Scott Anderson, he mentioned:New products are being invented continuously, there is a steady drive to make current products smaller, faster, and cheaper, and businesses are more willing than ever to go online. With nearly every employee having at least one computer and then that computer becomes, there is a continuous demand for technical people to support and create applications to make things easier and faster. When you reach the age of 63 or 65 you can retire. There are many retirement benefits that you can take. By the time you start your first job as a computer system analyst you will be able to buy shares that are available to you when you get ready to retire. The employee has many forms that he/she will have access to receive money from the company when you get ready to retire also.

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