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Evolution Of Species Essay, Research Paper

I’m sitting down at a computer that has very vast capabilities. It is capable of almost any application, but it being only the size of my history textbook, leaves it fragile and vulnerable. With a few light slams, or the pass of a powerful magnet, it’s very existence could be destroyed. Ancient times suggest not only survival of the fittest, but also survival of the smartest. Long ago the dinosaurs went extinct leaving many of the bigger brained mammals the dominant species. Then the larger brained man began using tools to overcome beasts. Through the advancement of technology man created artificial intelligence to help him easily solve complicated problems. Will this intelligence ever become advanced enough to allow its survival? If these super computers gain control what will they do with less intelligent humans. Even after world domination, what can stop computers from conquering the universe?

In the early 1950’s the fist computers were created. They were slow and inefficient. Humans were created long before and it has taken us thousands of years to become a culture smart enough to build high quality tools to make life as easy and efficient as possible. Computers on the other hand have become increasingly capable of doing tasks the humans struggled with, evolving in a considerably short amount of time. One of the main causes is the fact that humans evolve through changes in DNA. This process of change is slow and happens only from generation to generation. Computers on the other hand have no DNA, causing us to create new generations of computers back, to back, to back.

Computers and brains are turning out to be more alike than anybody ever imagined. Computers are made of silicone circuits and electrical components. The human brain is made of axons and dendrites that connect, making circuits. Small pulses of electricity run both of these thinking machines. Scientists are able to read more and more of these human electrical signals, and can begin to see what people are thinking. Sooner or later when science reaches the point of reading the mind, the electrical signals can be transferred to the computers: giving them their own state of mind. The computer will have an everlasting body of plastic, along with its own mind, giving it immortality. Having no regard for death, this artificial brain could make space travel human bodies could not withstand. This space travel could put this world in contact with worlds millions and billions of miles away. This leaves the human mind to wonder: where can we possibly fit in?

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