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Saint Raphael the Archangel

The saint I?ve chosen for my confirmation is Saint Raphael the Archangel. Saint Raphael is also known as the Angel of Love and the Angel of Joy. A few things he is a patron of are the blind, love, lovers, travelers, young people, and guardian angels. His name means ? God has healed?, or ? Healer of God?. He is the lead character in a book in which he traveled with (and guarded) Tobiah, and he also cured a man?s blindness, along with the healing power of the sheep pool mentioned in John 5: 1-4. The reasons why I chose him is because ever since I was little I have been fascinated with angels, especially guardian angels, and I have always believed in them. That is why Saint Raphael is perfect?not only is he an angel himself, but he is also the patron of guardian angels. Another reason that I chose him is because he is also known as the ? Healer of God?. As I continue my Catholic path, I?m looking forward to helping the sick, visiting them and even becoming a Eucharistic Minister so I can give communion at the hospitals and church. When I was looking for a saint I really wanted to find an archangel as my saint, but I couldn?t find one that really held a lot of meaning towards my goals and my beliefs. I think that Saint Raphael is perfect for my saint in the Catholic Church.

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