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When an old pirate known simply as The Captain stays at the Admiral Benbow inn, young Jim Hawkins who is the son of the proprieter is thrown into a midst of chaos.

Each day, the Captain asked Jim to look out for a seaman with one leg. At first Jim thought it was a desire for company that got the captain to askfor such a man, but it soon became clear that he was anxious to a avoid his own kind.

Eventually, he is tracked down by a group of Pirates led by a blind beggar called Pew. Having died of a stroke prior to the attack by pirates, the captain no longer was able to pay what he owed, so the occupants unearthed a treasure map. Having escaped with the map, Hawkins and his mother fled to safety and law enforcers closed into the pub and killed Pew.

The map becomes the focus for treasure and Jim along with Doctor Livesley and Squire Trelawnley embark on an adventure. On board is a man with one leg, one Long John Silver who, while seemingly honest man harbours a sinister plot to take over the ship and keep the treasure for himself and his conspirators.

Upon reaching the island, his plot is revealed when Jim Hawkings hides inside an apple barrel and overhears Silver explain his plot. Having told the captain and the Squire, it is decided by the honest crew that they should sent the pirates ashore for treasure and then abandon them there, but it backfires and it becomes the Pirates who control the ship and the legitimate crew who are marooned in an old fort built by the infamous captain Flint.

After escaping the ship, Jim meets Ben Gunn who was marooned by his fellow pirates and Gunn sides with the honest men against the pirates.

After a battle and Hawkins subsequent capture by the pirates, Silvers crew gets the map, but finds no treasure. Just as the crew are about to kill Silver, Gunn and the Doctor come to the rescue and when they are taken back to Gunns cave, it transpires that he had the treasure all along.

Having marooned the pirates, the crew including Gunn and Silver set off, but after a supply stop, Silver fled with some money and the crew returned to England.

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