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Welcome to this HOT DEALS website, updated 2-3 times daily. Our goal is to show you only the hottest deals on the Internet. Only a few deals get posted each day, because we only post the deals that we deem to be “hot deals” after careful scrutiny by our editors. This site was created to help you get the most for your dollar, because we are tired of people constantly getting ripped off. This website is entirely non-profit, and the information herein is provided for informational purposes only. We will not accept any revenue from the traffic or clicks of our visitors, so as to not sway our decisions of which deals are truly hot enough to make it to this site. Please use these coupons and deals wisely, and at your own risk. If you wish to send an email or submit a hot deal to the Hot Deals Maniac, send mail to maniac@hot-deals.org.


Monday, November 20, 2000

The server crashed on Saturday, and was unavailable Saturday through Sunday. The server software has been upgraded, and should run a lot better now.

GE – free water test kit

BestBuy.com – HOT! – Gladiator DVD for $15 shipped

This DVD is released tomorrow. If you haven’t preordered your copy of this awesome movie, you can get it from BestBuy.com for $14.99 with free shipping!

Buy.com – free shipping on $50+ orders

Buy.com is having another free shipping promotion. From Monday 12:01am (PST) through Sunday, November 26 at 11:59pm (PST) you get free ground shipping on any purchase over $50

Walmart.com – $10 off $50, code: newten

$10 off any purchase of $50 or more at Walmart.com, use code “newten”. Works with the purchase of “gift cards” too.

OfficeMax.com – $25 off $100

For new customers. Expires Dec 29.

Overstock.com – $10 off $30

For new customers. Expires Dec 1.


Saturday, November 18, 2000

800.com – coupons:

$10 off $100, expires Nov 22

$20 off $100, expires Nov 22

$30 off $150, expires Nov 22

Read yesterday’s post about the Microsoft (MSN) deal that allows you to save an additional 20% off your 800.com order!


Friday, November 17, 2000

Dymo – $50 rebate on label printers

(thanks to Bruno L. for submitting this deal to us)

$50 rebate on Dymo label printers.

Microsoft – HOT! – 20% off at some merchants

Click the above link for information. It looks like if you click on a merchant from MSN, you get 20% off from a few online stores. Participating stores are: 800.com, Anna Cris Maternity, Ashford.com, Blue Nile, Crutchfield, eHobbies, DecorLine, eBags, EBWorld, Mercata, MPSuperstore, Godiva, Lucy.com, OurHouse, PhotoAlley.com, and Send.com. If you are a first-time customer at Mercata, you can combine this deal with Mercata’s 20% off for first-time customers. Yes, first-time Mercata customers can get 20% off purchases (up to $100 savings) and another 20% off purchases through Microsoft’s MSN. Wow!


Thursday, November 16, 2000

SportsAuthority.com – $10 off $25, code: TSAINSTORE

eToys.com – $10 off $25

Expires Nov 17 (tomorrow).

UPDATE on Maxtor 40GB hard drives: Did you recently buy a 40GB Maxtor hard drive? I did the EqualFooting $50-off deal to get a 40GB Maxtor hard drive for $110 shipped. If you did this too, you might want to check this out. An anonymous visitor wrote us this information:

I bought a Maxtor 40G hard drive from EqualFooting as you posted. Then I realize there is a $50 rebate if I also buy a Maxtor Ultra ATA/100 PCI Card. I checked out the FAQ and it says the card and drive do not have to be purchased at the same store or on the same day. So I am going to order a Maxtor Ultra ATA/100 PCI Card (list price $49.95) for free.


Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Buy.com – HOT! – Agfa digital camera for around $60, today only

(thanks to TheMan from MA for submitting this hot deal to us!)

Click the above link, add it to your cart for $101.95. Apply the $20 coupon to get the camera for $81.95 plus shipping & tax. Agfa has a $30 mail-in rebate in the USA, or a $30 mail-in rebate in Canada.

Note that the $20 coupon expires today! Also, although this is a cheap camera, it has USB connection for PC’s, supports 640×480 24bit color, has NTSC/PAL video out, has webcam capabilities (for recording video to PC’s or VCR’s). According to PriceScan.com, buy.com already has the cheapest price for this camera, and with the coupon and the rebate, this is a hot deal for a basic digital camera.

Buy.com – RED HOT! – Kingston 256MB CAS-2 PC100 RAM for $96, today only

UPDATE (7pm): Their stock ran out, so this deal is now expired.

Click the above link for buy.com’s deal of the day for today, for $145.95 with free shipping. Apply the $20 coupon to get it for $125.95. And, there is a $30 mail-in rebate from Kingston, bringing your final total down to $95.95, plus tax. Although you can purchase up to 3 of these SDRAM modules from buy.com, there is a limit of one rebate per household.

Neato.com – HOT! – CD labeler for $5 shipped

(thanks to C. Russell from SC for submitting this deal to us)

Need to stick a label on those CD-R’s that you burned? Go to neato.com, click on the CD Labeler picture on the front page, add the labeler kit (item CXK-192567) to your shopping cart, go to basket, use code PYRO at checkout to get the $30 kit for free plus $5 ground shipping.


Tuesday, November 14, 2000

LampsPlus.com – free light bulb

(thanks to D. Eckert for submitting this deal to us)

Alibris.com – $15 off $30, code: EGGNOG

(thanks to Marvin from Alibris for submitting this deal to us)

Alibris sells books, and has a good selection of hard to find books. Use coupon code EGGNOG to save $15 off a purchase of $30 or more, not including shipping. Expires Nov 30. And, free shipping on any order over $50.

Buy.com – coupons

$20 off $100 for all customers, expires Nov 15 (HOT!)

$10 off $75 for all customers, expires Nov 20

$15 off $150 for all customers, expires Nov 20

$15 off $150 for all customers, expires Nov 21

$30 off $150 for new customers, expires Nov 30

$10 off $30 for new customers, expires Dec 31

?20 off ?40 for new customers in the UK, expires Nov 30

Note, to re-use a “for new customers” coupon, just sign on under a different account (using a different email address of yours), and use a different credit card than the one you used before. Buy.com does remember which credit cards used a “for new customers” coupon, so the same credit card cannot use more than one “for new customers” coupon.

Buy.com – Kingston 128MB PC100 CAS-2 RAM for $67

Although it’s currently out of stock, this is a good deal. Buy.com has the Kingston PC100 128MB CAS-2 SDRAM for $76.95, apply the $10 coupon to get it for $66.95 plus shipping.

If you don’t feel like waiting for Buy.com’s stock to arrive, check out the Outpost deal on the same RAM (it was posted here on Nov 7), they have it in stock for $69 after rebate with free next-day shipping.

JCrew.com – $20 off $80, code: SP5-558

Amazon.com – $10 off $30 in Toys, code: AMAZSPECNNVV


Take $10 off a purchase of $30 or more in the Amazon.com Toy department. Valid for video games too. Expires Nov 30.

Lava lamps are about $35 shipped when combined with this coupon, just search for “lava” in the toys department.

Network Solutions – .com’s can register matching .net & .org for $10/ea

If you own a .COM domain name through Network Solutions registrar, you can register matching .NET and .ORG domain names for only $10 per year per domain name. For example, if foo.com was registered with Network Solutions, and if foo.net or foo.org are available, the .net and .org names can be registered to the .com owner for only $10/ea. Again, this offer is only available to .com owners whose domain name was registered through Network Solutions, AND if the .net or .org variant is available for registration.

800.com – $10 off $100

800.com sells mostly electronics. Coupon expires Nov 16.


Monday, November 13, 2000

JCrew – 20% off, Nov 15-18

Valid at JCrew stores and JCrew.com between November 15 through 18.

ShippingOnly.com – travel kit for women for $6

CornerHardware.com – $10 off $25, free shipping


Click the above link, wait for the popup window and the coupon should be enabled. For new customers.

UPDATE (1pm): link fixed.

Half.com – $5 off $10, code: GAME22

For new customers. Expires Nov 30. Half.com works like Ebay in that people sell their new and used products online, but unlike Ebay there is no bidding – only buying.

Walmart’s Playstation2 bundle was indeed in stock: The Walmart PS2 bundle that I posted a few days ago was indeed in stock, congrats to those who got one. In fact, most people that ordered one last week had already received their PS2’s! If you are still looking for a PS2, keep checking Walmart’s PS2 stock to see if they get any more.

3Com – free T-shirt with survey

Fill out the survey, get a free T.

MiniWhiteBoards.com – free mini whiteboard

Barnes&Noble.com – coupons:

$10 off $40 for new customers, code ATTNEWS, expires Nov 15

$10 off $40 for new customers, code SAVETEN, expires Nov 15

$10 off $40 for new customers, code PRXSAVE, expires Nov 30

$10 off $40, code NAVIANT, expires Nov 30

$10 off $40, code Z3K7C7K, expires Dec 1

$10 off $30, code BNTOUR6, expires Dec 16

$10 off $40, code BUSSOLN, expires Dec 31

$10 off $40, code MBNAOCT, expires Dec 31

$10 off $40 for new customers, code BNFLEET, expires Jan 2

$10 off $40, code Z3NVSWC, expires Jan 31

UPDATE on the Talkabout Plus radios from dSports.com: I finally found some info about the “Motorola Talkabout Plus” radios that are being sold on dSports.com (see yesterday’s post). Here is the product information from Motorola. Note that this product is really called “Talkabout Plus”, so the rebate form does not specify “Talkabout Plus” on the list of products valid for the rebate. Sorry, this offer was not as good as it seemed. Even still, $30 is not too too bad for a nice radio, even though the radio had been discontinued a while ago. Again, these are not the nice Talkabout 200’s or 250’s, but they were nice radios about a year ago.


Sunday, November 12, 2000

Live election results: The U.S. election results are still being counted in some states, and recounted in Florida. The results of the state of Florida will decide who will be the next President of the USA. Here’s a quick little page I wrote to show a live summary of the votes and information about the “irregularities” in Florida. For further details about the election, visit CNN.com.

BestBuy.com – Memorex 800dpi mouse for $10 shipped

This appears to be a good computer mouse for $10, with free shipping.

BikeShop.com – $40 off $100, code: 14108

Amazon.com – $15 off $50 electronics, code: AMZN-ELEC-SRGE


Expires TODAY.

SportsAuthority.com – $5 off $35, code: TSAD_535

dSports.com – HOT! – $20 off $50, free shipping

Take $20 off a purchase of $50 or more by using coupon code “ECENT1″ or “PENN02″. Choose ground shipping and you will be credited for the shipping costs! Coupons expire Dec 31.

dSports.com – Motorola Talkabout Plus 2-way radios for $20/ea

(UPDATE: this deal is incorrect, read below)

First, go to dSports.com.

Pick the color you want. Note that dSports has all colors at the same cost.

Add ONE radio to your shopping cart.

Add something small to your shopping cart to get you over $50, such as shoe laces or golf tees.

At checkout, use coupon code “ECENT1″ or “PENN02″. Total should be $30 for one radio. Note that it will say $5 for shipping, but on the final screen you may be credited $5 for the shipping cost, making shipping free!

Repeat these steps to place a seperate order for each radio that you want. Keep in mind that since these are 2-way radios, you must have at least two radios to get any use out of them.

Motorola has a $10 mail-in rebate for each radio, valid for up to 4 rebates. This should get you $10 for each radio that you bought.

At first glance, I thought these were Motorola Talkabout-250 radios, but closer inspection shows they are “Talkabout Plus” radios. I’ve never heard of “Talkabout Plus” radios, nor do I know the difference between these and the Talkabout-250’s. Perhaps these are the “Talkabout 200″ series, which I think were discontinued (er, replaced with the 250 model) around a year ago.

UPDATE (Nov 13): It looks like the rebate may not be valid with this item. The rebate form does not specify “Talkabout Plus” on it. Also, according to the product information page that I found, this item is 2 models older than the mainstream model, the 250. This is no longer a good deal, unless you are looking for cheap radios. I no longer endorse this deal.

HappyPetNet.com – free doggie biscuit every month

(for dogs)

ReplayTV is better than TiVo: I compared ReplayTV with TiVo, and I found ReplayTV is better overall than TiVo. First off, ReplayTV normally costs about $200 more than a TiVo. However, TiVo charges a $10/mo fee for service or $200 for a lifetime service contract, while ReplayTV service is free with the unit. This puts both the ReplayTV and the TiVo at about the same cost to you. Since they are relatively the same cost, you might want to focus on their features. First off, when you sign up a TiVo for service (monthly or lifetime), the service is for a specific TiVo unit ONLY – meaning if you upgrade to a newer TiVo you will have to subscribe for service again. The two units have similar interfaces, but I found the ReplayTV to have a slightly better interface than TiVo, and ReplayTV seems a little easier to navigate and setup/modify recordings. TiVo just seems like it was designed for people who do not know how to operate a VCR. Although the two units have almost identical picture quality in their highest recording speed, the ReplayTV seems to be a bit better at its slowest setting than the TiVo slowest recording speed. Other advantages of the ReplayTV over the TiVo are a 30 second advance button (great for skipping commercials), ability to set specific days to record a show (like only record re-runs of the Simpsons on Mon-Thu), the ReplayTV can be turned off (TiVo cannot), ReplayTV is easier to customize recording options, and the ReplayTV runs a little quieter. However, one main advantage of the TiVo is a published TiVo hack which lets you add a second hard drive to any TiVo, thus doubling or tripling its storage capacity. You cannot add a second hard drive to a ReplayTV, however this forum reports that you can replace the hard drive in a ReplayTV with a larger one.

It is important to note that there are TWO ReplayTV’s out there – one is a Panasonic brand, the other is a ReplayTV brand. The Panasonic brand has Macrovision built-in, which is a very bad thing to have.


Friday, November 10, 2000

UPDATE on BestBuy 20% off coupon: A visitor said that he printed out the 20% off computer gaming products coupon from this site, and used it successfully. I tried it a few weeks ago, and it did not work for me. The visitor said he had a problem with the cashier, but the manager approved it. They did not question the fact that it was a copy/printout, he just said he downloaded it from the Internet.

Trade for The Patriot DVD at Electronics Boutique: Bring in any 2 DVDs (used or new, no promo copies), or 2 Playstation games, or 2 dreamcast games, or 2 N64 games to any Electronics Boutique store, and get “The Patriot” DVD for free! This is a good deal if you trade in cheap or terrible DVD’s or games.

(thanks to J. Troutt from FL for submitting this info to us)


Thursday, November 9, 2000

Live election results: The U.S. election results are still being counted. The results of the state of Florida will decide who will be the next President of the USA. Here’s a quick little page I wrote to show a live summary of the votes that are currently being recounted. For further details about the votes, visit CNN.com.

UPDATE (2pm): Democrats will be asking for a hand-count of the votes in 4 Florida counties. Federal judge calls a hearing to address allegations of “voter irregularity” in West Palm Beach, FL.

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