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The Peace with Persia

and the Division of the Mediterranean Basin ?

When West and East

drifting apart in 5th century ? East longest spell peaceful

relations with greatest rival Sassanid Persia. ?

384 CE ? Theodosius I

and Shapur II 0 partition of the Armenian buffer state between Rome and Persia.

Removal grievous bone of contention allowed T to concentrate on two usurpers in

the west and consolidation of his control. ?

Yet Barbarian

invasions ? East does not utilize peace to help West.? Tensions yes, but death of Arcadius and Stilicho should have

stopped this ? lack of initiative and inertia even when Theodosius II ascended

the throne. ?

Pressure of barbarians

on East?? No evidence of many measures

taken against them ? Attila only focussing on East because reached agreement

with West who could not beat him without East. ?

Paradox ? three

decades after resumption hostilities between Byzantium and Persia ? after he

had patched up a shaky peace with Chosro I, purpose leaving Justinian free to

deal with Vandals, gave little hope of respite ended for Western enterprise. ?

Bias sources but clear

Persians mainly kept to their treaties and Romans failure to do so in 420-22

and 441-42 caused Roman lack of fulfilment for promises. ?

Dilemma: relative

peace and stability for its Eastern part at expense of virtual abandonment of

the Mediterranean basin, or involvement in West leading to costly wars with

Sassanids at least convenient moments.

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