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I do not see the new millenium as the beginning of a whole new world. I feel that the year 2000 has been used as a buzzword for everything that is right about changing technology and as a scapegoat for declining morality. In reality it is just another day. A day that will be what we make of it. I feel that the world is becoming a better place but it has nothing to do with this “magic number”.

It is a well-known axiom, that knowledge is power. New technologies such as the Internet, cell phones, and satellite TV have succeeded in making the world smaller. Information that happens anywhere on the globe can be instantaneously known by all. This information can make you money in the stock market or be the lifeblood of the newspaper business.

The important aspect is to be comfortable in our changing world and to recognize what direction it is going. To attain these goals one must be educated. In the past computer literacy was a bonus to employers, now it is a requirement. Factory work and other blue-collar professions are falling by the wayside and in its place are a new batch of technological position that are available. Sacred Heart seems to on the cutting edge of this new technology, even going so far as to require students to purchase a notebook computer. This is the type of thing that will give Sacred Heart students the advantage in the job market of the new millenium.

Assuming that education is no longer a stumbling block and the average person is knowledgeable of the new technologies, I believe we can look forward to many new advancements to come. Already our everyday lives are changing with inventions like EZ-pass. This theory could be taken to the next level over the course of this new millenium. By the year 2100 all transactions should have an EZ-Pass lane for quicker and easier transactions. Another easy way to transact business has emerged and it is internet shopping. This will only continue to grow during the new millenium. Companies like Amazon and CD Now are the pioneers and are already becoming household names similar to Kmart and Macys.

Aside from technological advancements we will hopefully see changes in our environment. As all forms and catalogs become available over the internet there will be less of a need to destroy trees to create paper. As online shopping becomes mainstream there will be less reasons to drive around town wasting gas and polluting the air.

In closing, although I do feel the world will be different, I do not see drastic changes ahead. I just see the continuation of a slow evolvement into a faster and more efficient society.

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