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Acts of Violence

In a great work of literature, violence is only used as needed. In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, violence is used to convey his idea that if man is left alone without rules, he will turn into a savage. Throughout the novel scenes of violence are used to show the escalating acts of bestiality of the characters as the days on the island go by.

When one looks at the boys after they had been on the island a short time, it is easy to see the natural beast emerging that is in all humans. When the leader Ralph was accused of being a coward, he decided to go on the hunt with the rest of the hunters. He was overcome with pride when he was the only hunter to stab the wild boar. Even the though the boar is not killed, they all begin dancing around Robert, who was the pretend boar. In all of the hunters’ intense excitement they become overzealous in their pretend killing of the pig and poor Robert is poked and prodded quite harshly with the hunting spears. This was the first time Ralph had let the beast inside of him be seen. All of the boys were showing signs of savagery. William Golding uses this to foreshadow the upcoming deaths brought on by man’s animalistic actions.

The forming of two different groups, or tribes, did nothing to lessen the problems. Jack, the leader of the newer yet larger group, based his philosophy of surviving on killing and hunting. On one of his groups hunting trips a wild boar is killed and beheaded. The head was placed on spear, which was stuck in the ground of Ralph’s campsite. This act was used…

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