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How hard would you fight to defend something you believed in? Hundreds, thousands, probably million of lives were lost fighting for what they believed in; fighting to defend America. Why, are you thinking? What could have been so important that these men felt they had to fight until the end? Would you believe that those men fought for you, me and the rest of the population. Those brave soldiers died because they felt that we, as United States citizens, as Americans, deserved the right to be free.

Throughout the centuries there have been many wars and battles fought to defend and voice our right to freedom. What exactly is our freedom? We know have the right to write whatever we feel the need to and voice our opinion. We can wear our hair or our clothes in any style. We are guaranteed the right to free speech. Women can vote, hold office and are told to be treated equally. No one is any longer a slave or owned by another person. The most important thing is now we have the right. Many people have been killed in response to defending those rights. Friends, husbands, brothers and sons were also wounded. Though there has been many deaths, there have also been many lives. The hardest part about standing up is not dying for, but living through it.

Every time we rise in school to pledge the flag or stand in the stadiums to sing the Star Spangled Banner; we are holding a remembrance to those who have died, were wounded or even those who have lived to help the rest of us have the right to voice our opinion. It is because of them that we have the right and the advantage to be free.

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