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Snapple—It’s A Research Paper Essay, Research Paper

Snapple, made from the best stuff on earth! is the reason that this amazing product has been so successful throughout its twenty-six years of existence. We will start off with a little Snapple History . In 1972 100% pure fruit juice was distributed throughout health food stores in New York. Snapple is born in 1978 when founders bought the Snapple name for a mere $500. In 1983 all natural sodas and seltzers were introduced and in 1986 Snapple launched its Fruit Drink line. In 1987 Snapple began hot packing process and invented the now famous wide-mouthed bottle. Snapple also launched their Real Brewed Tea coming in four flavors- Lemon, Mint, Raspberry, and Peach. 1988 was the year Snapple went bi-coastal, it was introduced in New England and California. 1989 was the year they launched Fruit Drink Cocktails and in 1990 Wendy the Snapple lady came aboard. In 1991 she started answering her fan mail. January 1st was the year Snapple was publicly traded, and the first upside down label was spotted in Buckeye, Arizona. By 1993, Snapple was being sold in 50 states, had a 53% consumer awareness, and the First national TV and radio campaign was launched. It was in this year that a very unusual experiment was done, a boy took a lie detector test and it is final Snapple is the best tasting iced tea out on the market. Snapple decided to expand their cocktail line in this year coming out with Kiwi-Strawberry, Mango Madness, and Melon-Berry Cocktail. 1994 Snapple letters campaign inducted into Museum of Broadcast Communication s permanent archive. A man named Ernie Boffa invents a recipe: Mango Madness Cornish Game Hen . Another amazing thing Snapple invented was the glass front vending machine and by this year the consumer awareness was up to a whopping 92%. 1993 was the first Snapple convention and cider teas were launched nationally along with their plain teas. Passion Fruit Tea, Bali Blast and Cherry Lemonade were a nice ending to that year for the now huge company. 1996 Spike Lee decides to direct one of their commercial and Island Cocktails along with the Peach Lemonade launch nationally. Now they also came in their 32oz plastic bottles. Snapple spreads good taste all over the place in 1997 when Paul Agustin wins first ever $10,000 Snappleship for college. Snapple World Headquarters relocates from Chicago to New York. Wendy the Snapple Lady gets her own flavor to commemorate her return to Snapple- Wendy s Tropical Inspiration. Snapple now decides to launch the Exotic Tea line; consisting of Ginseng, Mandarine Orange and Lemon Green Tea. Wendy the Snapple lady also gets to rid the Snapple Orange Tropic Float in the 24th Annual New York City Holloween Parade. Maryland Tenth-Grader creates winning TV commercial-Fort Washington Maryland a Fifteen-year-old Paul Agustin s once annoying habit of clicking iced tea bottle lids is about to make financing his college education $10,00 easier. Paul s idea for a thirty-second television commercial was chosen from among more than 4,500 entries in a nationwide contest sponsored by Snapple Beverage Co. and aired by Channel One, the leading provider of news and information programming to teenagers. The Maryland teenager s commercial debuted on May 8 to a Channel One audience exceeding 8 million in 12,000 high schools across the country. Paul s quirky plot and creative flair have brought him the $10,00 scholarship, overnight celebrity status in his community, a new nickname– Snapple Boy and a trip to California to see the production of the commercial with Foote Cone Belding/Chicago, the Snapple advertising agency. The winning ad depicts a high school detention hall, where a boy and girl surreptitiously communicate with one another by clicking in Morse Code on the tops of Snapple bottles, only to be joined, remarkably, by the stern looking teacher, who clicks out a snappy message of her own. Paul s idea was selected because it was believable, yet original. The concept is fun and humorous, said Snapple Assistant Brand Manager Jane Hunter, and is just the kind of advertising that consumers have come to expect from Snapple. When asked how he came up with the idea Paul responded, I used to click my Snapple lid until it drove my parents nuts! For his parents, the sound of clicking Snapple lids is now music to their ears. Although the high school sophomore is not yet sure which college he will attend, he is interested in studying genetic engineering. And who know, after the airing of his commercial, Paul may want to pursue a major in film and broadcasting! Snapple has a thing called Snapple Strology and here are some examples-Apple Cherry- you are famous for having dual personalities. On one hand you are patient, carefully restrained and a bit shy. But when the moon is full you transform into a jovial, adventurous, money-spending fool. While on the prowl for a good time, you quickly feel the relentless urges of a Snapple Apple Cherry one full swig puts you back in your natural state of being.Bali Blast- you are a born entertainer, one who can lend spice to any occasion. People gravitate to you like steel filings to a magnet. Perhaps in a previous life you were a rock star or maybe even a famous actor or actress. Most Bali Blast drinkers pride themselves on knowing how to throw a good party one with lots of chilled Bali Blast in the fridge for everyone!

Cantaloupe Cocktail- you have an independent and inventive mind you like to follow your own road rather than someone else s. As the master of your domain, you are determined, active and usually speak your mind. During non-productive times of the day, you like to daydream and fantasize possibly about swimming in a pool of Cantaloupe Cocktail.Fruit Punch- you are like an iridescent bubble on a bright summer day. Your personality and smile explode with powerful energy, like an uncorked bottle of champagne. Most Fruit Punch drinkers are easy to like, for they have a captivating charm, are excellent listeners, and love to indulge in the comforts of life. Rarely do you see a Fruit Punch drinker without a Snapple in hand.Grape Watermelon- You are energy in motion, fast-paced, and easily excitable. You are known for having a colorful personality. Life is full of activity for you. You possess keen powers of observation and are drawn to the unusual and unexplored. You need a special kind of refreshment to fulfill your thirst one only a Grape Watermelon can provide.Grapeade- Like a caged animal, there is an adventurous quality deep within you bursting to be set free. You like to travel and explore new places and ideas. Your problem-solving and communication skills keep you out of uncomfortable situations. You are always willing to examine another point of view as well as fancy another Snapple flavor. I took a survey to see what the favored flavor was:Ryan Trott said his favorite was Peach Ice Tea.My mother had to go with the Lemon.I myself think that Raspberry is the best.Justin Drake likes Lemon ice tea.A Bayonne bum by the name of Hank the Drunken Dwarf had to go with Lemon.Shaun Wade also agreed with him.My father stuck by my side and went with the Raspberry. As you can see just by the few people I have here Lemon wins the contest and comes in on top in the contest! Here are some Snapple Reviews:Ralph s Cantaloupe Cocktail- Ralph s Limited Edition Cantaloupe Cocktail reminds me of Melonberry Cocktail, but with a distinctive cantaloupe flavor (surprise). I really liked it, but I suppose you d have to like cantaloupes anyway. I d love to try this out for breakfast with a fresh Cantaloupe. Pink Lemonade- Yet another lemonade flavor, along with Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. This tastes very similar to their regular Lemonade flavor, but it s a little milder and, of course, pink. Lemonade- Yet another lemonade flavor, along with Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. Lemonade is, well, lemonade. It s not overly sweet, but is actually quite tart. Strawberry Lemonade- Yet another lemonade flavor, along with Lemonade and Pink Lemonade. I ve had varied success with this flavor, sometimes the lemonade flavor is too strong and masks the strawberry. However, when balanced correctly strawberry lemonade is a delicious drink. Guava Mania Cocktail- A new flavor, and it s quite good. If you like Mango Madness, you ll probably like this one too. Guava Mania Cocktail is a combination of guava and kiwi and just a touch of strawberry a very flavorful combination! Highly recommended! Bali Blast- Life Savers. No, not the flotation devices on boats, I mean the little round candies. Specifically, the whitish ones in the regular 5-flavor pack the white ones, not the yellow ones. Take a handful of those, and drop them into an empty Snapple bottle. Add sugar. Add more sugar. Finally put it in some water and shake. The concoction you get would taste just about like a Bali Blast Snapple! Now, that doesn t sound that great, but it s really quite good! For those already familiar with Snapple, it s almost a cross between Melonberry Cocktail and Kiwi Strawberry Cocktail, with a twist of pineapple. It s different, but still has that definitive Spaniels to it. Cherry Lemonade- Another lemonade! This one almost isn t lemonade, though. Whereas the Strawberry Lemonade is a lemonade with a strawberry note, this is really more of a cherryade with a lemon note. It s quite good; I really liked this flavor. It just appeared here, but I ve heard from others that it can be hard to find, even when sold in your area. Well done, Snapple! Fruit Punch- Fruit punch. Yummy. Melonberry Cocktail- This is a great flavor, even for breakfast…It s a mild combination of kiwi, strawberry, and cantaloupe. It s a very unique flavor, I was a little hesitant to try it at first, but after it I liked it. Grapeade- Grapeaid is good! A fairly plain and ordinary flavor (it s a mild grape juice), it s a good start for someone who s never had Snapple before. Kiwi Strawberry Cocktail- Another great flavor. Kiwi and Strawberry were just made for each other! This also makes a great breakfast drink. I also imagine it would make a great mixed drink. Hmm. Anyone have any of those little umbrellas? Mango Madness- Mango Madness is my FAVORITE flavor Mere words cannot describe its wonderful fruity flavor! All I can say is try it!

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