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In reading “Terwilliger Bunts One,” I got the impression Annie Dillard’s mom would be successful in English 101 because she questions word usage, forcing people to think about what they say, to insure their thoughts are interpreted properly. “No wonder you listen to baseball. Terwilliger bunts one.” This quote illustrates Dillard’s mom’s sarcastic tone towards her husbands wording. Although she continued to use this expression throughout various life experiences, it was merely a way of pointing out the absurd. Dillard’s mom was quick-witted and forced people to confront their own shortcomings, the following quote supports this; “Spell sherbert. The idea was not to make us whizzes, but, quite the contrary, to remind us- and I, especially, needed reminding- that we didn’t know it all just yet.” Dillard’s mother was spirited, hince I feel as though she would do well in English 101. She was interesting and creative, these two assets would be exemplified in her writings.

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