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I Like Basketball Essay, Research Paper

I cannot really tell you why I did not start earlier, Indiana being a huge basketball state and all. I mean, the movie ?Hoosiers? was based on Indiana basketball and the importance it holds on the small, tight knit communities within the state. It just seems like it would be natural for me to begin playing organized basketball at an early age, but I did not other than the rough and tumble playground ball at recess. I began to yearn to play on a real team, and soon I would have my chance.

It was the summer before the sixth grade, and I managed to talk my father into purchasing me a basketball and my mother into purchasing the rim. We put the rim up onto the shed and I began practicing. Every evening I would go out and do shooting drills and also went to basketball camp during the weekdays. At camp we practiced dribbling skills and I found that I was quite good at using my left hand to dribble even though I am right handed. I also found a knack for the longer distance shot, so I practiced that more too. Before long, it was time for school to begin, and my chance to play on a real team was nearing.

During the sixth grade, I played on our school?s girl?s basketball team, and became a team leader. As a guard, plays were made for me and I was given the opportunity to make plays also. I felt I was given enough confidence to make things happen on the court and was on my way to a promising stint as a ballplayer.

During the seventh grade, I had a new coach and was not given the support I needed and my confidence caved in. I was forced to sit back on the bench and watch as sixth grade girls were brought up to play on my team, even though they seemed to have no more ability than I did. With this happening, I almost completely gave up on playing the next year, but another new coach convinced me otherwise.

The time for the eighth grade season was upon me, and once again I laced up my shoes for another round. This season proved to be quite different, with my ability given the chance to mature. I was definitely a leader for this team, and I went out to prove it. I was given the opportunity to coach the younger teams on shooting and other drills, and accompanied them to their games often, getting my first taste of actually coaching. By the end of the season, I had received awards for shooting and attitude, and above all, received a trophy for ?Most Improved Player.?

I had not planned on playing high school ball, but the high school coach approached me during eighth grade and asked me to come try out. I told him I would think about it because I wanted to concentrate on my academics so I could go into college. After spending some time thinking about how much I loved to play, I decided to go for it.

I apparently did quite well in practice and I was asked to play for the varsity team. I declined the offer due to the fact that I remembered how it felt in the seventh grade when the younger girls were brought up to play. I did not want any problems with other players who had been there longer. If I had known how the rest of the season would go I would have said yes to the offer. It turns out that there are quite a bit of ?politics? in high school sports and even though I was praised for my ability I did not get the treatment I felt and still feel I deserve. Thusly, I ended my high school career of basketball after freshman year, not wanting to go through it for three more years.

I have some regrets about giving up so easily. I believe that if I had stuck with it I could have gotten a basketball scholarship and played collegiate basketball. I still have hope that I can be a walk-on on a basketball team sometime in the next year and get one step further in a chance to play professional basketball.


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