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The Ramayana

Long ago in the far off land of Ayodha a boy was born. His name was Rama, son of King

Dasartha. As he was growing up he met a young girl. The first time he saw her he was stunned by

her beauty; it was love at first sight. Her name was Sita. The ended up getting married; there was

a big elaborate ceremony. The person who married her had to bend a bow. Not only did Rama

Bend it but he broke it. As the years went by they had a happy life

King Dasaratha was getting old and wanted to chooses his son Rama as his heir. His wife

Kaikeyi asks that he appoint another son Bharata, instead. Kaikeyi pleads that he owes her two

favors, and she feels that something bad would happen to her if he doesn’t crown Bharata king

and send Rama to the forest for fourteen years. The king hesitated but agreed, so Rama goes with

his beautiful wife, Sita, and his brother Laksmana, leaving their riches to live a simple life.

In the forest the three meet the demoness Surpanakha who falls in love with Rama. Rama

doesn?t pay attention to her advances and Laksmana hurts her. She runs away to her brother

Ravana, ruler of the island kingdom of Lanka. After hearing Surpanakha’s report of the beauty of

Sita, Ravana decides that he wants Sita as his own wife and changes himself into in wandering

holy man to find her in the forest. When Rama and Laksmana are not paying attention, Ravana

carries Sita off to Lanka.

Sita cries and wishes for Rama in Ravana’s garden in Lanka, while Rama and Laksmana

try to get the help of Hanuman, the monkey king, to help them find her. Hanuman, able to make

himself big or small, starts his search for Sita by taking a giant step to the Island of Lanka.

Carrying Rama’s ring he finds Sita and tells her he is Rama’s messenger. Sita is very happy, but

Hanuman is caught and Ravana sets Hanuman’s tail on fire. Hanuman escapes and sets the island

of Lanka on fire.

Rama, Laksmana, Hanuman, and his monkey army start a battle in Lanka. The monkeys

make a bridge to Lanka by holding themselves together. The battle was big horrible battle with

spears, bows and arrows. Many people died. Rama eventually kills Ravana. Sita, however, when

Rama finds her he wants to know if she stayed true to him. When he asks her to take the test by

fire; she agrees. Proving her loyalty by remaining unscathed by the fire, she goes back to Rama.

Later, Rama abandons her to maintain the sanctity of public opinion and she goes to live in the

temple of sage Valmiki and has twin sons Lava and Kusa, who as young men became reunited

with their father, the god-king Rama.

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