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Harry Potter And Sorcerer Stone By Rollings Essay, Research Paper

In the book, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer`s Stone, Written by J.K. Rollings, I

believe that courage is the most outstanding theme. J.K. Rollings does a

wonderful job of expressing it in this book. Al though there are many other

themes I feel that courage is by far the most important. Harry shows courage

when he tries to catch Neville?s ?rememberall? that Malfoy threw, from

crashing to the ground. Harry had to have courage to get on the broom for the

first tome without anyone helping him. He had to have even more courage to stand

up to Malfoy for throwing Neville?s the ?rememberall? and trying to break it.

Harry also needed courage to sneak out and try to find out who Flamel was and/or

is. He could have gotten detention or even expelled for sneaking out but Harry

thought that it was very important and worth the risk for him to sneak out of

his room after curfew. Harry showed the most courage when he tries to stop

Quirell from stealing the sorcerer?s stone. He knew that by doing this he was

risking detention, expulsion, and even death, but the fate of the world depended

on his doing this. He had many chances to turn back but took none of them. He

wouldn?t even think about it. He knew that many lives depended on his saving

the stone. Even though he knew he would have to fight the thing that killed his

parents and tried to kill him he pressed forward until the final battle. Out of

all the themes that were shown in this book I still believe that courage is the

most important and outstanding one. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone is a

wonderful book with many great themes. It is first of a series of seven, three

of which have already been released.

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