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The Telescope

In 1609 Galileo Galilee Constructed his first telescope. Little did he know that this would be one of the greatest inventions the world would ever see. This fairly simple creation enhanced our ability to see things that are very far away and that can?t be seen with the naked eye. We also learned a great many more things about earth,the rest of the solar system and the role it played in the universe. We were able to see the phases of the planets more easily and could see moons revolving around other planets. Because of this invention the Copernican theory was proven to be true in that it was proven that the Earth and all other things in our solar system revolve around the sun and not the Earth.

Although Galileo is credited with having invented the telescope, the majority of historians believe that a man by the name of Hans Lipperhey was the actual inventor and that when Galileo heard about it he immediately built one and was credited with having invented it.

Galileo was born in the city of Pisa, Italy. His family was of noble decent yet they were not a rich family. In the beginning of his college career he was directed toward the field of medicine by his father but he soon turned to science as his primary form of study which would lead him down the road on which he would be credited with inventing the telescope. With his invention Galileo would see innumerable new stars and be the first to observe the four largest moons revolving around Jupiter.

There are three basic forms of optical telescopes, two of which were created years after Galileo?s death. The one he created uses two or more lenses in an enclosed tube that admit light emanating from the object observed.

In my opinion, the telescope was one of the greatest inventions if not the greatest invention of all time. We?ve learned more about our world and the universe through this one creation that trough any other in existence. This is to say, who knows maybe even I’ll invent something even greater that the telescope.


Encarta, Comptons, Groiler Etc….

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