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Letter To Mr Willett Essay, Research Paper

December 7,1996


1504 Martin Street

Coquitlam, B.C.

V3C-3V4 RR#1

Dear Mr.R.Willett

Here are some of my recommendations on how federal and

provincial power should be split up.

I agree that we should have a centralized form of government

to avoid civil war like the U.S. but I think that provinces should get

some important powers in order to keep the way of life and ideas of

their regions.

I think that big things like the army and taxes should be a

federal power but things like education, transit and citizens should

be a provincial power.

Education, transit and citizens should be a provincial power

because they are what represents the region and why should

someone in Ottawa tell them what to do when they don t even

know what the region is like and how people live.

Education is especially important because it controls the

people s knowledge and the way they think. Different regions will

have different beliefs and ideas that they think is proper and

improper to instill into their children. If it was a federal power and

everybody learned the same things, some regions might not need

what they learn for example why would somebody in B.C have to

learn, about Nova Scotia. Also if it was a federal power it might

leave some groups or even regions out.

Citizens and transit is also important because how would

Ottawa know what the people are like and what is a good and bad

path for transit. A province would know what their people want,

how they want it and where they want it.

Finally if the federal government gave the provinces power,

Canada would be in better control and less likely to revolt or start a

war because they would be happy, they would know about their

region and the region would represent them not Ottawa.

____________________ Jason Chow

Blk E

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