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The Oddysey Essay, Research Paper




Freshmen 3

By the time the Odyssey picks up a decade has passed since Troy was destroyed.

Odysseus has been trying to get home but decree is keeping Odysseus away from home.

This is all part of an evil plan. While decree is keeping Odysseus from home, tons of

suitors are trying to make Odysseus’s wife Penelope that he is dead. She is not

convinced so they take over Odysseus’s house and will not leave. The only way they will

leave is if Penelope picks one of them to have as a husband. When Odysseus returns

home, he is not a happy camper. He believes he must seek revenge, as well he should.

The Odyssey is a different story because of its different pace and mood. The Illiad is told

about the war, and it is centered on Troy. The Odyssey is stories after the war and is a

little more peaceful. There is no one setting, because Odysseus is constantly trying to get

home and encounters many new places. The story is fun to read because Odysseus is

constantly trying to overcome decree, and other obstacles place in his path

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