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Without Seeing The Dawn By Stevan Javellana Essay, Research Paper

Day and Night

The Japanese have come, and the overpowering of the village people followed. So much dreams were put to waste, taken over by agony resulting to hatred and revenge. The incidents that victimized each character brought misfortune that anyone would sympathize.

Witness how a simple man with a simple life in his barrio is transformed into a different person through Japanese cruelty. He was removed by the haciendero that owned their land. He could still live with it, but it was brought to the worst conditions when the Japanese started to occupy their place.

Carding could only take so much. He had nothing to lose yet he lost so much – the life that he had always wanted. The man who used to be loving, caring, and pious turned into a criminal opposite of what he once was.

Just as when he thought that he had lost everything and had nothing more to lose, he remembered his wife. He lost his wife but he wanted her back. Maybe he could no longer bring back what used to be, but the forgiveness that his wife gave to him made the worsened things better.

Without Seeing the Dawn can be divided into day and night . The day is when we see the mischief of people and the easy-go-lucky relaxed life; in the night , we see how life could become so miserable and how a happy beginning could lead to a tragedy.

All these complications fall into one major theme just like one poet said: Nothing will come of nothing. Indeed, no one achieves anything without exerting a single effort. Our dreams don t lie on the circumstances that come, but how we face those circumstances in life.

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