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Genocide Essay, Research Paper

World War II had stroked my soul not alike any other warfare. Holocaust, genocide, concentration camp were the nightmare terms that I had to grow up with. Certainly, every war leaves physical and psychiatric reflection on a nation; however, because it happened only fifty years ago, it took away lives of my relatives, this account of humanity couldn?t be forgotten by me. The unfairness, cruelty and suffering that were expressed from Nazis arouse my curiosity of holocaust and humanities in our world of today. In my opinion, genocide is the most horrifying crime against humanity of all times, that should be studied and remembered so the history wouldn?t repeat it self with the similar capacity. Nonetheless, I want to limit this essay on discussions of humanity and action it took up on resistant from nazi, the psychiatric stain the survived had to come back with; moreover, I am also planning to touch on the remembrance of holocaust in our small world. Masha ? nice introduction. Genocide is horrific, but an important subject to study.

One of the accounts described by Gerda Klein had touched on the subject of resistance. In the book, ?all All but But my My lifeLife? she, the a concentration camp survival, states that simply not many believed or expected this these massacres from another human being. Due to a fact that through out school, life and experiences which surrounded us, everyone seem to think better of people and by using her instincts of past Gerda always hoped for the best. A relative thought does strike after Gerda?s representation, when ideals of our civilization refer to humans as mostly reasonable, forgiven type of being on earth. Therefore, Gerda Klein inclination toward muteness of suffering is that the average human is incapable to ultimate cruelty, such that were experienced during genocide had played one of the roles through out efforts of resistance. Nicely stated.

While, other author Dr Miklos Nyiszli, in ?Auschwitz? brings up an example of resistance. There, the fighting was a though that was diminished by SS and Nazi movement. Nonetheless, the act of resistance implied careful planning by men of Sonderkommando who had given an incomparable price of life by facing their dreams of being apart of humanity and freedom. After all, the death caused by fighting for their life brought back some sort of ironic humanity to those prisoners by individualizing them from the rest of the massacre where they had no choice, no life and the death was just around the corner. From this point of view, the theoretical resistance was there; however, a lot of aspects didn?t follow the line of success. Interesting

The last account on resistance, which I wanted to bring up, is full of living, heroic fighting. It happened in Warsaw and many other cities of Europe. There organized partisans, where fighting, by quietly standing up for them selves and others, by compromising and sacrificing their lives to be apart of normal life-span were human being have equal right. Those people are heroes, who were fighting for better future, who had hopes and action. I admire those brave individuals, so as the ancient book of Talmud, which states “To save one life is as if you have saved the world”. Good

Overall, in my opinion resistance was always there in better and worst time; however, the untrained humans with limited artillery can only do so much. Nonetheless, I believe the nutrition and inhumane treatment also played a role, so as ?Gerda?s view?, where feelings of hope for better had stepped as quiet waiter.

Another aspect that is an outcome of WW2 is a psychological stain that had basically killed a whole generation of people, even if the physical abilities were there to live, the mind was surrounded by years of fear, animal alike treatment and death. After a person had seen such unimaginable horror for almost a decade and lived through that cheos, it would of being impossible to come back to life as it is known daily. The silent photographs from that period of time scream out the unspeakable pain and fright that once was associated with the survived. The mind that was a part of that “horror” picture simply cannot get over such facts easily. Therefore, the end of war couldn’t meant the end of safareing, the end of horror and the end of the nightmares, it was only the begging of the long fight that would lead to some sense of normality. Good analysis

The last account of this assay is the commemoration of this tragic event, the genocide of the WW2. Couple of month ago I was visiting Yad Vashem. With the view of the museum the life stops as it did when genocide started. Even thou, the war happened more then fifty years ago, the memories are here with us as it happened yesterday. The artifacts are not mute; they are here to surve as reminder to our civilization. A lot of memories of veterans are recorder, so it would be an exclamation point to the world, that killings, slaughter and murders are apart of our history of the human beings.

As every year, on May 9 the ?Victory Day? the aged, proud survivals are putting on their dusty uniforms that full of medals and go dancing on the streets, to show surrounding that they are the heroes of yesterday generation. Veterans, once were soldiers who were fighting for the ideals they believed, they are the living history who set an example for us the future generation to never forget and to never exclude the account of genocides, so nobody has to relive the horrors that veterans had to live through.

To conclude, remeberence of holocaust is one of the important factors that needs to be taken seriously. During WW2 period many innocent people were tortured, murdered, and prosecuted becouse they had different religion, belives or hertage. This account had left millions with out a chance to live, breath and simply exist on earth. The only solution to this problem is to learn as much as one can about this event in history, to inform others about these tragedies, and never forget.


I thought you did a wonderful job with this paper. It was very informative and yet critical of many issues concerning how we think about genocide. Keep up the hard work.



?All but my life? by Gerda Klein. Published in 1995 by Hill and Wang.

?Auschwitz?, by Dr. Miklos Nyiszlie. Published in 1961 by Fawlett Publications, Inc.

?The Holocoust?, Website: www.geocities.com/Paris/5121/holcaust.htm

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