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The Leaf Essay, Research Paper

Hello, my name is leaf. I just came from Akron, Ohio and here I am in the Barnhart?s front yard. Here?s how I got here. There was a scrubby looking man who was walking to the mall and I got stuck to the bottom of his shoe. He walked into an auto parts store and as he stepped on the carpet to wipe his feet off I fell from his shoe. Then some guy with a flannel shirt walked on me and I got stuck to his shoe. He walked out of the store and then out of the mall. He was getting into his car when I fell on to the floor mat that was in his car. He had a brand new gold Saturn. As he was driving I heard him mumbling about how he hates the color of the car and the way it drives. When he got home he called the Saturn dealer and said “I need to get a different Saturn.” The dealer said “Do you have all the information that came with the car”? “Yes” said the man. “OK I?ll have a semi pick up the car in three hours.” said the dealer. Three hours has passed and the semi has not been here yet. When all of a sudden I heard the squealing sound of the brakes on the semi. The doorbell rang and the man opened the door, and it was the Saturn semi driver.

They loaded the car into the semi after the driver checked all of the information that the man had about the car. I fell off the man?s shoe and got blown into the semi. The semi driver left the man?s house and drove, drove, drove. He drove for about three hours and ten minutes. I felt the semi stop. He opened the door and I fell out. I saw a sign that said Elida, Ohio. We were at the Saturn dealer in Lima, Ohio. I blew over into a Saturn and there was a man with the name of Bobby Barnhart who bought the car that I was in. Mr. Barnhart took the car home to his house in Elida Township which is where I?m at now. That?s how I ended up at the Barnhart?s house.

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