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PERIODIZATION: Still the best way

Periodization, training in cycles of gradually increasing intensity, began with the work of Soviet sports scientist Dmitri Matveyev in the early 1960s. Elite athletes, Olympic weightlifters, swimmers, and track and field performers have used it all over the world to an ever-increasing degree since that time. American Olympic lifters and power lifters have been using periodization for a long time for example Frank Zane (Ripper 3, Fleck, Steven 34). Periodization provides a method by which the plateau can be avoided. One of the problems with most training programs is that it is the same day in and day out. Intensity, rep range, etc tend to be varying constant. However, the body is extremely adaptable and will eventually stop responding to a certain exercise scheme regardless of the intensity. Periodization provides a method of training that over rides the bodies mechanism by keeping them it plateauing.

There are two types of periodization, strict and Modified. Strict periodization consists of four or five distinct stages. Each stage has a specific goal and method of execution. Generally, the program moves from a low intensity workout to short, high intensity workouts. Each phase stresses a different aspect of the muscle. By changing the stress, progress can continue without plateauing. Modified periodization, is for non-competitive builders, and has four stages.

My personal workout will generally follow the modified periodization model. It follows as: (Taken From http://staff.washigto.edu/griffin/period.html)

Stage 1: Base

Volume: High

Intensity: Low

Sets/Exercise: 3-6

Reps/set: 12-20

Type of movement: slow, continuous movement

Purpose: To build muscular endurance, increase capillarization and blood flow to muscle

Stage 2: Strength/Endurance

Volume: Moderate

Intensity: Moderate

Sets-exercise: 3-6

Reps/set: 8-12

Type of movement: moderate speed

Purpose: To increase strength and muscle size

Stage 3: Strength

Volume: Low

Intensity: High

Sets/exercise: 3-4

Reps/set: 4-8

Type of movement: fast but controlled

Purpose: build power

Stage 4: Recovery

Volume: Low

Intensity: Low

Sets/exercise: 2-3

Reps/set: 12-15

Purpose: This stage allows the body to completely recover before beginning stage 1 again, it should last 2-3 weeks

The length of each stage may be more consistent for modified periodization. Anywhere from 1 to 3 months can be spent on each stage (Ripper 3, Fleck, Steven 89). Studies have found that strength tends to peak at about12 weeks during strength training with either a plateau or decrease in strength occurring after that. Also, there is some evidence that there is a shorter 3-week sub-cycle when the body tends to hit smaller peaks (The Running Commentary). This workout works for many great athletes and has gotten results.

In conclusion, the only way to prove the method of periodization works is to attempt it by myself. The final result of the periodization paper will occur at the end of the semester.

Works Cited

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http://www.lakeheadu.ca/ newhouse/ian/seven.html.(Jan 1996).

Untitled. Periodization rules.

http://www.staff.washington.edu/griffin/period.txt (June 1991)

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