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The Black Cat-Edgar Allan Poe Essay, Research Paper

The Black Cat dwells on the theme of perveseness.the character is speaking from first point of view based on “I” which is the narrator himself.the story is about how the narrator after starting to imbibe alcohol turns himself into a sadist by murdering his pet black cat which he actually revels in pleasure!how sadist can tht get?later on,his house was caught on fire forcing him and his wife to live in poor.the narrator begins to get drunk more as to drown his “guilt” in murdering his pet.one night on his way back from the tavern,he met with a black cat which really resembles his pet black cat.he brought it home and soon enough he got annoyed with the cat.i think mostly it was because he was so consumed by guilt which turned into fear of the cat.on one unfortunate day,he got extremely irratated by the cat and raised an axe to kill it but it hit his wife instead.and so he killed his wife and hid her behind a wall.hewas elated because the black cat was nowhere to be found after that.Soon enough,the dissapearance of her wife was noticed which brought police investigating his home.While they were searching in the basement,they heard a “scream” which emitted from a wall..and after thewall was taken down,there it was;the black cat.

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