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Three Ideas From Twetieth Century (Gandi,Mother Tereas, Picasso Essay, Research Paper

Many people from the twentieth century that had great ideas that should be carried into the twenty-first century. Gandhi with his idea of nonviolent resistance, mother Teresa with a heart that care for even those she had not met, and Pablo Picasso with his magnificent paintings.

Mohandas Gandi’s war he fought was one without weapons, already Gandhi was on his way to starting his career of non-violent campaigns. The main idea behind Gandhi’s teachings was non-violence. He believed that the killing of man or beast is an unforgivable sin. He taught that the weapon that could be used was the conscience of the aggressor. His methods were, unique in that they did not involve the use of weapons. By the time Gandhi was shot his influences certainly, spread thought the globe. Indeed, Gandhi was an influential man who helped father the nation of India, as we know it today. Without him, many people around the world might not have learned to fight any injustice non-violently.

Mother Teresa Mother Teresa was a powerful woman with her missions and countless acts of mercy. Powerful leaders in our world today should learn from Mother Teresa and her countless acts of mercy, which she performed. Through her love and guidance of Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa proves to be savior. She helped thousands of people in poor countries with ailing diseases, but most importantly see touched the souls of common men. She made even the rich and selfish take a deep look into their lives, which brought out the best in everyone. When one person can captivate the world as she could, it makes you realize how very important she really was. It was not always what she did, but rather how she conducted herself while doing it. If we as a whole took the examples of Mother Teresa and followed them, our society would be a much better place. When talking about the life and times of Mother Teresa, it is astonishing to see the number of people she has affected. If one person can do so much, maybe we should think of how much I could all do as a society.

Pablo Picasso greatly influenced the art works for the 20th century. His experiments with various styles of art revolutionized the modern world of painting and sculpture. Many modern painters have borrowed his styles to produce their own interpretations of his ideas. His works, which reflected various aspects of his life, were displayed throughout many different styles of art

I hope that these people’s ideas will transcend time. With any luck many people will learn that violence does not solve problems but just adds one more to the ones they already had. I hope that the people that mother Teresa helped will grow up with the same heart. I look forward to going to an art museum with my children and being able to tell them who Picasso was.

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