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The Lesson Essay, Research Paper

At the age that I perceived the children of this story to be, 10-15 years old, it is difficult to get them to enjoy learning. Subconsciously, Miss Moore was able to make a difference and educate the children. I will explain why I think so and how this proves the story ends optimistically. I will also discuss how Sylvia s wrong view on the situation illustrates how optimistic the ending really was.

The narrator, although consciously reluctant to learn, proves a few times that she has been picking up information from Miss Moore s visits. So here go Miss Moore gabbing about the thousands of bacteria in a drop of water. How would Sylvia ever know that if she hadn t been soaking in information, even occasionally. She goes on to explain that there are a million and one living things in the air around us. Sylvia may talk like she is a hot shot but she is usually stuck on every word Miss Moore says almost finishing her lecture and dismissing it as immaterial. These examples show that at least the efforts of Miss Moore are not in vain.

Other children have also picked up some knowledge; when asked to give a ten percent tip to the driver one of the children shouted out a good answer with confidence. This is probably a game they always play when riding in cabs or giving tips anywhere for that matter. Another example is when Sugar amazes us going against the image given to us from Sylvia as the bad ass side kick of destruction and provides an educated response to a comment Miss Moore had made. At this point in the story Sylvia steps on Sugars foot in an attempt to contain her form speaking out and possibly entice further lecturing. It would seem that the restraint shown by Sylvia is a sign of a non-optimistic ending but on the contrary it only shows that Sugars disregard for her friends feelings means that some children actually are learning and maybe enjoying it along the way.

In the last few lines Sylvia makes it obvious that indeed this is an optimistic ending. She could have gone off to play but instead she decided that she would go somewhere to think this day through. When a teacher encourages a student to go off and think it through they have not only done their deed they have created optimism.

You can see that the children where indeed learning and regardless of her big mouth Sylvia was learning as well. Sugars disregard for Sylvia s feelings show that she was interested and eager to learn; also an optimistic outcome. When you ask whether or not a situation is optimistic you must also ask for whom? For Sylvia, although her future may be brighter because of the education she is receiving she may not feel optimistic at all but as for Miss Moore she feels very optimistic because some of her students are eager to learn. Other viewpoints, such as Sugars, reveal an optimistic ending as well. All-in-all one can assume that the ending of the story was an optimistic one.

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