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Michael Malleske

English 085

Being A teenage Parent:Good or Bad?

Is being a teenage parent as hard as people say it is? From some people’s perspective, the answer may be yes! But the people who have a positive attitude and are realistic, their answer might be different. I personally can relate and feel that there are many reasons that being a teen-parent can teach you a lot and be beneficial. The situation pushes a person to go to college, teaches them how to manage time well, and the biggest pro would be learning responsibility.

A college degree that a teenager could get would help support the kid. If a person does not go to college and raises a kid, they may live a happy life. But as comfortably as a person who gets their degree and a well paying job. That is why I am really concentrating on college right now so that years from now, I will not be in any financial trouble. Having a degree could only mean positive outcomes when it comes to financial expenses when having a kid.

Time management is essential when going to school and having a young one to look out after, can be very challenging. As a soon to be parent, I know that when March comes and my daughter is born, that it will be very hard to be there for my kid all the time and to keep my grades a top priority. But this situation is a way of learning how to manage my time wisely. For instance, I will put aside time for studying and also time to spend with my kid. Time management when having a child shouldn’t be overlooked as an easy task.

In my eyes, being resposible, among the other two topics, is the biggest obstacle to perfect as a parent. People tell me that this will be the biggest responsibility of my life. All my life I felt that I was responsible, but to be in charge of another life is something I have always dreamed of one day coming true. If I can succeed through this obstacle, then I know that my baby’s life will be fine.

In the end, earning a college degree, mastering time management, and raising my daughter right are all goals of mine. And with dedication to get through college, determination to conqoure time management, and a desire to be a responsible parent, I know that nothing can stop me from reaching my goals.

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