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Critical Issues Relating To Cit Essay, Research Paper

Critical issues relating to CIT: experimental studies have

have limitations.

1)Theory applies to ‘behaviour’ conducted through choice

unintentional behaviour such as ‘clumsiness.’

2)Action that is consistent with expected role could also,

confirming stereotypes).

Nevertheless theory has been extended by (Gilbert 1988).

stages involved in trait attribution: -

It is necessary to look at the role of ‘conscious attention

devoting attention to one cog, task results less attention

principle was applied to CIT.

There are 3 stages in trait attribution;

1) ‘Categorizes’ indiv’idual

(What is it about)

2) ‘C’haracterize’ the behaviour (use it to,

3) Situational correction is made to adjust trait attribution

In general all 3 stages are completed.

But in some cases, when others behaviour is obscure or

necessary corrections are not made as our limited cognition

Co variation & Configuration Theory

Kelly’s model (1967) was an addition to attribution theory

model: Co variation & Configuration.

In the lst case, the perceiver has information from different

The perceiver must separate which effects are to be attributed

factors (different sources).

Hence co variation principles is used the model is based


According to Kelly, in attempting to answer ‘why’ about

on info relating to 3 dimensions:

Consensus- (extent to wh

is shown by others).

Consistency- (the extent to which an individual responds

way on different occasions).

Distinctiveness -(the extent to which individuals responds

different situations).

Kelly suggests the 3 dimensions are used to attribute

causes under conditions in which consensus, distinctiveness


In contrast, we attribute another’s behaviour to

consensus, consistency and distinctiveness is high.

Kelly’s assumption has been confirmed in wide range

provides insight into the nature of casual attribution.

Critical issues = co variation principles

Initial studies supported the model, but since it has been

1) Co variation principle is limited, as correlation does

sexual intercourse is cause of pregnancy but 2 are not high

2) P attributions may appear to use co variation prince.

processing maybe different:

3) Requires multiple observations to yield 3 dimensions.

have information when making attributes.

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