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Young Goodman Brown And Rrppaccini’s Daughter / Comparsion/Contrast Essay, Research Paper

Young Goodman Brown and Giovanni in “Rappaccini’s Daughter portray now characters in a story can be manipulated by the forces of good and evil. Examining the character theme of these two short stories, comparsions of the characters of Giovanni and Young Goodman Brown are closely aligned with the destiny of each bing similar and tragic. They both mus choose between good and evil. Both Giovanni and Young Goodman Brwon overcome evil, but only after…..

Young Goodman Brown and Giovanni are both soliciting or being solicited by the devil. Young Goodman Brown goes into a dark, dreary forest searching for the devil. Young Goodman Brown’s enconnter was with a devilish man with a walking stick. “But the only thing about him that could be fixed upon as remarkable was his staff, which bore

the likeness of a great black snake, so curiously wroutht that it might almsot be seen to twist and wriggle itself like a living serpent”.

Giovanni’s encounter was not obvious. Giovanni was being solicited by the devil through a beautiful woman in a garden surrounded by evil plants.

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