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Bad or Good

We live in a world in which our primary food is the information. We

perceive the outside world through images, and each image has an echo in our

brain, generating feelings, attitudes and sometimes questions.

Although we belong to the same specie, thousands of differences or

similarities divide and classify us. Each of us perceives in his own way the

information he receives. For some of us, something could be beautiful, for

others the same thing could be ugly. Behind these two words, beautiful and ugly,

we can see another words or, better said, concepts: good and bad. But what do

good and bad mean? Do they really exist?

On one hand, good and bad are two words that express our opinion in terms

of perceived images. We give the images values, which can be, as I already said,

good or bad. On the other hand, being so many types of human beings, it is

normal to be different kinds of perception and interpretation of information.

Therefore, having many people who can interpret things in different ways, it is

difficult for somebody to say what is good or bad, and in the same time to have

his opinion shared by everyone. Trying to classify, we might come up with a

result that might be true or not, depending on the point of view. In other words

everything is relative.

Paradoxically, when we start thinking we, we discover that we actually

know almost nothing, or that there are many things left, to be known. On the

other hand, the more we know, the more we want to know. This desire of knowing

more and more might be expressed through questions.

One big difference that separates the human beings from animals is that

people ask themselves, why do we exist? and animals do not. If animals asked

themselves this question, in that moment they would become human beings. If

someone find an answer to this question, many things would be simplified. Our

secret of life would not be a secret anymore. However, answering this question

is difficult, maybe impossible. What we can do is to wait and think. Time will

answer us.

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