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What would be the first thing that comes up to your mind when you think about Stephen King? With no doubt .Scary x, will be a first description that pops up in your mind. I remember, at young age, watching a movie named .IT x story written by Stephen King. As a young age I was so scared by the movie. But then I was so into the plot of the movie that when I arrived in the States, that was the first book that caught my sight.

Stephen King, now exist as one of the best horror writer. In early period of time, primarily men read his novels. Almost all of his novels were introduced in men s magazines. Not a whole lot of women fans were there to support his writing career. Scary stories didn t have strong appeal to women as much as men. .I Know What You Need x written in Night Shift was first introduced by women s magazine called, .Cosmopolitan x. By comparing and contrasting the story with his other works .Sometime they come back x, we ll be able to analyze more and also find out why it made it s first appearance in Cosmopolitan.

First of all, the similarities between the two stories are that, they both use some kind of form of magic to gain their desire some. From .Sometime they come back x, Jim Norman the main character goes through struggle and unexplainable problems in his life. The actual cause of this happening was murder of his older brother. This is when the third character comes in to deal and magic appears. .And then a voice, curiously low and unpleasant, spoke to him right and left. Agreed? x(167). From here we see how the unidentified object, which Norman called to resolve his problems which leads to dealing with the object. In the story of .I Know What You Need x, this one girl falls in love with this perfect imaginary guy. He knows what she wants and needs at all times. .You need a strawberry double-dip corn. Right? Some where in the back of her mind she had been thinking about breaking for an ice cream. x(228). .Beth, he said suddenly. What? She asked She laughed to cover her confusion. x(231). Both of these tell us how the guy approaches to her. He already knows everything about her, which could be said as magic or a gift.

The difference between the two stories will be the content of the story. Difference in the plot what the women and men audience wants to hear. From .Sometime they comeback x, .When the kid with strawberry birthmark stabbed your brother with his knife (152) Garcia darted forward and punched Jim in the mouth x(169). As you can see from some of these conversations, they mostly base their story line on violence, abuse, and brutal death. These are not likely to be loved by women readers. On the other hand .I Know What You Need x base its story line on love. .Impulsively, she kissed his cheek. She could not remember such a blessed feeling of relief. x(230). .Great, he said, and kissed her. .I love you, Beth x Love you, too x(240). The whole intimacies within two people just attract women s attention. Women prefer love and care before violence and murder.

By comparing two different stories written by Stephen King, we have found out why .I Know What You Need x appeared in women s magazine, Cosmopolitan. It was difference in taste of books women prefers. Killing people did not fascinate women and neither did hitting and cursing at other people, they were more concerned about love and care. I think that s just the way people are. Human nature is just set up that way. You could see this as if, Stephen King s other side of him was shown to women readers. The media and the people pleasingly welcomed his new side. But in the modern days, I ve been noticing a lot of changes in women s taste in books. They love action too, now. Not by a lot, but still things are changing. I think it s good to know what people liked in the old days and who knows we might improve and make our literature and life more plentiful.

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