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Nkohma Essay, Research Paper

.Acts Summary x

The book of Acts is written by the author Luke the Apostle who also wrote the book Luke that is one of the four books in the Gospel of the New Testament. The book of Acts is a linking book that shows and describes the transition of Jesus final ministry by sending the Holy Spirit after His ascention into Heaven. The theme of Acts is basically the acts of the Holy Spirit through the apostles who are preaching to crowds and sending the Gospel to Rome while setting up new and growing churches in places like Antioch and Rome. Acts is made up of twenty-eight chapters and of those twelve of the chapters in Acts concentrate on the Apostles Peter and Stephen and on the voyages they take and the speeches Stephen gives in Jewish synagogues in cities like Cyrene and Alexandria.

The following chapters of Acts focus on how the prayers of forgiveness by Stephen move God and the heart of Saul who would be converted by the Holy Spirit into Paul and how Paul would make three long and extensive ministry trips before going into Rome to spread the Gospel so that it may go to all nation all over the earth. Paul was imprisoned with Silas and later freed by The Holy Spirit with a violent earthquake that destroyed the walls and chains on all the prisoners. In closure the Holy Spirit began working though Paul, Peter and other apostles and believers who gathered together and were given the sudden and impressive direction of the Holy Spirit by the Anointing of tongues of flames above their heads and the speaking of tongs in many languages so that the Holy spirit could work through them and help spread churches with Christ name to all the Gentile nations that need God s word.

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