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Fossil Fuels And Alternative Sources Essay, Research Paper

Debate Topic: Fossil Fuels and Alternative Sources

Most people in this world but especially in the U.S. think that fossil fuels are never ending. However, they are wrong and completely take them for granted. Therefore, if they do not try to use and find other sources for energy soon then fossil fuels will become extent. So I have taken it upon myself to look into other sources of energy and give my viewpoint about them. I looked into a couple alternative sources. First, technology and manufacturing advances have brought the cost of renewable energy use, such as solar and wind, down significantly. In the near future, power generated from renewable resources and by alternative methods of power generation will have significant cost advantages over conventional hydrocarbon systems. In the near term, there are niche applications, such as remote photovoltaics and solar swimming pool heating where renewables have a definite cost advantage. Because they are pollution-free, renewables have huge advantages when environmental impacts are considered. Wind power has already broken through the cost barrier that historically prevented the large-scale introduction of sustainable energy systems. Over 3,500 MW of wind energy generating capacity have been installed worldwide. Photovoltaics and fuel cells also are beginning to emerge as strong competitors for conventional power systems with over 500 MW installed worldwide. When adding power generation capacity for a site or large facility, be sure to investigate the potential for renewable and alternative energy systems. In addition to their low environmental impacts, they will become more cost advantageous each year as the costs of conventional fuels rise. On-site power generation from renewable energy resources provides the added potential of reducing peak power demand with significant savings per peak kWh. Life cycle costing comparisons between renewable energy systems and conventional power generation should include forecasted demand reduction as a cost component in favor of renewable energy.

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