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May, 15 1999

Consumer Affairs

Inc.P.O. Box 5555Atlanta, GA 5555-5555

Ladies and GentlemenI am now thoroughly upset with your treatment of me throughout the ordeal I havebeen put through.

Even after taking the time and effort to write to you explaining the problems I havehad with you I have received nothing in return. No reimbursement, nocompensation, no outline of what is being done, not even an apology for your mistakes…nothing. I admit I am relieved to have finally recieved my luggage, butafter two months?!? And then to receive a letter stating that I still have not sent their formation you require when I have, in fact, given it till I was blue in the face: and to get this letter two days after the bag just shows up at my mother’s door! And that same letter stating that it’s my responsibility to claim the bag and if I do not it will be SALVAGED? I AM INFURIATED! And still no mention of compensation. I was without that luggage for two months and had to go on with my life no matter how great your inability to service your customers – I would like to know if I am a special case or are all of your customers treated this way. And what of the ruinedvacation not only for me but for my girlfriend also. I should hope you still have my other letter if you don’t know the details. If you no longer do, you’re welcome view it at . I would still like us to be able to take that vacation, since we never got to the first time. It will take some impressive customer relations for me to see Delta in good light again.

I would appreciate any response to my attempt to reach you.



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