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America Essay, Research Paper

America, the land of the free many say and yes I will edmit it is much better than any other country out there. I love the place where I live in many ways but I do not love the place where I live in many other ways. We live in a place that has a lot of problems and many people hate America for having these problems but does not every other contry have problems also. I think America is handleing all of our problems as best as they can. We could be like some forin countrys and just have a king or a *censored*tator and do what ever there biddings are. That to me would be awful and in America we have a whole bunch of people making the rules and no they may not be the fairest rules and they may not be the easyest to follow but I gerontee that you will never find a plce that will have rules. No I don?t like how Aerica handles things well hell I don?t like how any place handles things and instead of killing athorty or blowing up buildings people should try to make the so called ?system? different from the inside. The schools may be infested with drugs and sex but that is not America?s fault. The streets are full of povitey but America is trying to do sompthing and it is takeing a long time and it may never be helped but I bet that is one of the bigest problems and it is a very hard one to fix. Crime level is the bigest ever and America is trying to fix that also but once ageain that is also a very hard thing to do. So befor next time you want to say I hate America just remember yes America has problems but America is atleast trying to fix the problems and not just leting our country go to hell like many other countrys.

By Luke Myers



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