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Abortion Essay, Research Paper

The most important issue in balancing individual human rights with social responsibility in my point of view is abortion. The law that was passed so that abortions would be legal was a good decision. The anti-abortions have very sound points, but it should be up to the women to make her choice. Abortion has been debated for decades and always will be.

Ever since Roe vs. Wade, abortion has been a very hot topic. When Jane Roe sued for the right to have an abortion she was pregnant with an unwanted child. In the state of Texas where she lived, she could not find a doctor to perform the abortion because it was against the law. An abortion would only be performed if carrying a baby to full term would threaten the mother’s life. Roe had to have her baby and give it up for adoption. If abortions were legal at that time she would not have to go though such drastic measures. The law should stand that if a woman is seeking an abortion that she would have a safe place for it to be performed and it is legal. Many women have either lost their lives or had many complications for seeking out illegal abortions. By no means should a woman use abortion as a means of birth control, but she should have the right to choose when she brings a life into this world.

Anti-Abortionist believes that it is against the laws of God to have an abortion. If it is against God’s law, then it should between her and God’s if she will receive punishment for her decision. Some think it is still wrong to have an abortion if it threatens the mother’s life. Those who oppose abortions believe that if you don’t want your baby then you can give it up for adoption or kept it because there are organizations that can help you. Giving a child up for adoption is a good route if you don’t want to keep your baby. Sometimes these unwanted children sit in orphanages until they are eighteen. The tax papers are paying for these children. It is it right for society to pay for the mistake of others? I don’t believe so. Everyone has a responsibility to society and should be responsible in society. There are many forms of birth control but none are one hundred percent. So if a woman is in a situation in which she wants to terminate her pregnancy, she should be allowed without people yelling at her that she is a murderer.

Abortion is a very sensitive topic. There will always be controversy surrounding this issue. Having the right to choose should be a basic human right. This ensures that society won’t have to pay for the long term care of unwanted children. If you want to be a responsible citizen in society, you should not do anything that would put a burden on society. If keeping abortions legal is a way of keeping the burden off society then it so be it.

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