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Man Of The Year Essay, Research Paper

On February 25,1982 a soon to be millionaire was born. Whether his parents knew it or not the reason I say that is because as he grew his mother noticed he was very much indeed different. He didn?t play like normal kids well not with other kids. He was always found playing in a car or under a car taking something off of it.

See this kid wouldn?t even play with the plastic tools that his parents had provided for him; he had to have the real thing. So as he grew up his mother noticed he had another talent, the computer. This kid was 8 years old with a computer instead of a Sega, or a Play station.

When this kid was 16 years he realized he had a love for money so he got his first job, it took him 2 years to realize that the job thing wasn?t for him. He still had his love for money though.

On Sept 17 he became free from a system call plan A. He went to plan B. Now you all are probably saying what?s the difference? Well, the difference is in plan A we are taught one thing. Some of us might not know but we are in plan A right now. Well most of us are.

Plan A is what we do everyday and that?s what we our taught to do. One reason is because we do what are parents advise us to do. This is what plan A says: we are born at age 0, we start school at age 5 or 6, then we graduate from high school at age 17 or 18. Some of us go to college and graduate around the ages of 20-22. From that point we do something very custom. We work, work, work and work until about the age of 70. Then we retire, but social security statistics says we do a very significant thing at the age 68, We DIE. So he also realize that if he had to work from the age 22 to70 years of age something was not right, because social security statistics clearly states we are suppose to die at the age of 68.

Now, let me tell you how Andre? ended up in this interview session. He was at one time, employed by the Office Max Inc.

Office Max was doing a lot of hiring at the time, so in the meanwhile the managers hired this guy named George. Now George was a pretty sharp, caring, friendly and noteworthy person. This is the best way that Andre? could describe this person.

First of all, he had to be sharp to get Andre? to open up and talk to him about how much he gets paid, and also to tell him what kind of dreams he had bestowed in his head.

Secondly, with the information Andre? had shared with George he was caring enough about him to share a business opportunity of a lifetime, because George knew working for Office Max wasn?t going to get Andre? even close to his dreams.

Thirdly, George had established a friend in Andre?, because it?s not everyday that George walks into a person?s life. George also made a commitment to Andre?. He told Andre? if he qualified for the program he wasn?t going to rest until Andre? dreams came true and that?s the way it has been from that day on.

Finally, George was very noteworthy, because you had to be something to have the knowledge, and know how to run a multi-billion dollar operation. George was willing to share all of this with a person he just met. Andre? use to often sit and wonder why out of all the employees at Office Max, George offered Andre? a helping hand in the challenge to financial freedom; until one day Andre? asked George about it, and George looked Lucky dead in the eyes and said GOD. George didn?t have to say another word, every since then Andre? have trusted him no matter what the situation was. Lucky didn?t ask him any questions what ever George said something Andre did it. All Andre? wanted to know was how to qualify for the program. George said, ? Just have an open mind, and a dream?. I?ll give you the how? That?s the way Andre? ended up in the interview.

I know, everybody is saying what happened to plan B? Nothing happened to it I am about to tell you what plan B says. It?s so simple that even a baby can do it.

Plan B clearly reports that if you are able enough to be coached and expounded you can be paid so much that in 6-18 months nobody will be able to obtain you. See, plan B is a business owner. If you haven?t figured it out, plan A is an employees? mentality, because doesn?t some one tell you when you can take a lunch? Now think about what if you got hungry at 10:00am, but lunch wasn?t until 1:00pm guess what, you didn?t get hungry until 1:00pm. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

See, this kid doesn?t ever plan on working on a job another day in his life. He realized the way to get rich you must work from the neck up and not the neck down.

So with this knowledge at hand he started to make investments in all kinds of businesses: such as Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Funeral Homes, and Racetracks. He plans to be making close to about 1.1million dollars by the age of 23 he will be the Man of the Year, and guess what he will only be 19 years old when he become retired from the work force. This is one kid that I can actually say has his head on straight.

Sorry females this future GQ Man of the Year is taken by a beautiful, black, successful Physical Therapist.

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