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Security Committee

Topic A: Disarmament of Paramilitary Groups in the Former Yugoslavia


The Committee on Disarmament and International Security has taken upon the task of disarming paramilitary groups in Yugoslavia. It is important that we examine states’ policies toward disarmament and prevention of the proliferation of light weapons. While states generally support active and forceful disarmament of paramilitary groups, it is important to note that some nations have a stronger commitment to the containment of the small arms.

Two separate views have emerged regarding the cause of the war in Yugoslavia, each of them drawing their conclusions from a different set of historical facts. One interpretation claims that the war is the result of an act of Serbian aggression instigated by an nationalistic leader, Slobodan Milosevic. The other side holds that his is a civil war based on the revival of ancient ethnic conflicts in the region that erupted after the fall of communism, States in the international community have aligned according to their interpretation of the history of the region.

Argentina does not have a major role on this topic, but has strong trade ties with the United States and will side with them on the issue. The United States adopts a different interpretation on the issue than the rest of the world. Most of Europe, except Great Britain, was extremely critical of the actions the United States took in the bombing in Yugoslavia. The leaders believed that the campaign would only make a bad situation worse. Russian government criticized the Clinton Administration for it’s actions. China also disagreed with the United States, saying they had no right to intervene in the international affairs of Yugoslavia, regardless of the actions taken by Milosevic. Argentina will side with the United States unless they propose an idea to make all the countries pay for an active and forceful disarmament of paramilitary groups. Since Argentina is very poor, it would not help our country to be spending money that we need. The First Committee on Disarmament and International Security is charged with the task of disarming paramilitary groups in Yugoslavia. Argentina will do everything in it’s power to try to resolve this issue that must be faced.

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