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Senator Orrin Hatch Essay, Research Paper

“Powerful Congressman”

Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican representative for Utah, was born March twenty-second nineteen thirty-four in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hatch’s father, Jesse, was a hardworking metal lather and his mother, Helen, a devout woman. He grew up in a family of modest means. Yet, despite hard times, the senator’s parents did everything possible to provide opportunities for Orrin, encouraging him to develop athletic skills, such as basketball and amateur boxing, a love of music and the arts, a passion for the law and our constitution. Hatch received his Bachelor of Science in nineteen fifty-nine from Brigham Young University, and his Juris Doctorate (doctor of law) degree from the University of Pittsburgh in nineteen sixty-two. Orrin has held many jobs, such as that of a lawyer, author, metal lather and musician. Senator Hatch has written the lyrics of hundreds of songs and has produced or co-produced even family, faith and country oriented CD’s.

Hatch has been married for forty-three years to Elaine Hensen of Neuton Utah. They have six children, Brent (forty-nine), Marcia (thirty-nine), Scott (thirty-seven), Kimberly (thirty-four), Alysa (thirty) and Jess (twenty-nine) as well as, nineteen grandchildren. The sixty-seven years old Hatch and his family reside in Washington, D.C. No matter the issue political or personal, Hatch’s conservative Mormon ways are carried over into both his work and his play.

Senator Orrin Hatch got his start in 1976 when Hatch upset three-term democratic incumbent Senator Frank Mass in the Utah senatorial contest with 54% of the votes. When he was re-elected in 1982, he had 58% in 1988, 67%, and in 1994, 69%. Hatch is now in his fifth term as a senator. He serves on the subcommittee on taxation as chairman, the senate judiciary committee as chairman, the select committee on intelligence, the committee on finance, the committee on indian affairs, the subcommittee on antitrust, the subcommittee on the constitution, the subcommittee on healthcare, the subcommittee on international trade and the subcommittee on terrorism. Senator Hatch has a power rank of seventeen of one hundred. This influence on the powers of congress is very high and his input into decision making is very outspoken and heard.

Hatch has been a leader in developing bi-partisan legislation in such high areas as balancing the budget, protection Medicare and social security, lowering taxes and improving health care services for children, seniors, the disabled, and the homebound. Orrin strives to promote conservative principles, such as fighting hard for a balanced federal budget, relief from excessive federal regulations, tax relief for families and small businesses, effective measures to get tough on criminals, and a strong national defense. Politically after registering a dismissal sixth place finish (1%) in the Iowa GOP caucuses, Hatch withdrew from the presidential race in January 25, 2000. He plans on running again for his senate seat in 2006.

Senator Orrin Hatch throughout both his political and social life has pursued outstanding goals. His perseverance through poverty into mainstream political power is astonishing. In al, he strives for the very best and stops at nothing to succeed. Religion and morality help fuel his crusades for governmental policies in which he only hopes will aid the population and make a positive difference in our society.

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