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To best understand Norway one must study its geography, tax system and its educational system.

To best understand Norway one must study its geography.

Norway covers a area of 125,017 square miles. Nearly two-thirds of Norway is covered in mountains and there are more than 160,000 lakes and islands from glaciers that were once there. For instance, if the fiords could be straitened out it is believed that they would reach halfway around the equator. At the north cape ( 71 degrees above the equator ) the sun shines day and night from the middle of May through

the end of July and then is completely absent for two and a half months in winter ( Europa world yearbook, 178 ).

Second, one must study Norway’s tax system. In Norway taxes are used so that every citizen can live in comfort and security without having to worry about misfortune. Norway has an interesting health program. It is known as Compulsory Health Insurance. This insurance covers the entire population of Norway and it provides unlimited free medical care, unlimited free hospitalization, liberal cash allowances and many other benefits. This program also makes it possible so that everyone can afford to see a doctor

( family physican or a specialist ). Medical bills are split four ways; among employee, the employer, the state, and the local community. The retired get a minimum pension that corresponds to about two-thirds of average pay during his/her twenty best earning years ( Discovering,46 )

Third, one must understand Norway’s educational system. A young Norwegian enters school at the age of seven. He or she remains there for a minimum of nine years. Since tax money also helps Norway’s educational system, school is free at all levels. This makes it easy for students to continue to colleges or to universities. Students usually continue to techinical, vocational, industrial, or to commercial schools ( Cultures of the World,120 )

To best understand Norway one must study its geography, tax system and its educational system. These are just three of the factors that make Norway.

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