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Rehabilitaitng Prisons Essay, Research Paper

Rehabilitating Prisons

To help the prisoners in american prisons the government should establish a more rehabilitating punishments as to giving loneger harsher time. Now some people say if they did the crime they should pay the time and then some. But, wait they are not thinking about the prisoners. How are they supposed to learn a lesson if all they care about is geting out and geting back at the peolpe who put them in a hellhole they have to call home.

Recent studies have shown a tremendous increase of crime and violence both inside and outside of prisons. All prisons have some sort of rehab facilities with trained profesionals running them, just not all prisoners are requied to go most volunter to go. This leads to very few people getting rehabilitated. So the first thing the government needs to do is make it manditory that every prisoner go to the rehab center. Here they should learn at least these two key things one is self control, the other is how to be a citizen again.

Self control is a nesesity in life if somone doesn’t have it they are no longer capibal of livine in todays society. The prisoners need to learn to gear all of that negative hatred and atitude towards something constructive thus helping with getting a job. After they get out they will need to find there own jobs they won’t have one set up for them anymore. So if they have a hostile atitiude they may go off fot no apparent reason and kill or seriously hurt someone. With getting a job and helping them get back on there feet the government could for one reduse crime rate, two reduse prison population, and three lower the unemployment rate.

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