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Thoughts On Feminists Essay, Research Paper

Thoughts on Feminists.

I was not yet ten when I was first made aware of the feminist movement and my mother didn?t have much use for that type of thing. You see, feminism in the eighties was a female version of the neo-nazi skinhead mentality. With men being the enemy instead of other races. In this movement, even to tolerate men was blasphemy, and to be attractive was considered weakness. This movement is no longer the norm, but it isn?t gone either.

While earlier feminists were: male bashing, lesbian, anarchists, modern feminists are mothers, wives, coworkers and everyone else who believes that women should have the same opportunities as men. Not only can you be married to a man and still be a feminist, you can be a man and be a feminist.

I may be wrong, but I don?t see much for a modern feminist to fight for. Women can vote; they can hold any office that a man can, with the exception of some military positions, they get paid the same amount as men for the same work, and they have affirmative action to boot. Were is the injustice in a man and a woman both applying for the same job, both being equally qualified, and unless the man is gay or part of some other loud mouthed minority, the woman will get the job because the company cannot afford to do otherwise? Is it fair that a woman that has a 3.0 GPA gets into med.-school and a man with a 3.4 doesn?t?

If you can?t tell, I?m not trying to be politically correct and I?m not a fan of affirmative action. I didn?t really have an opinion on affirmative action until my sister expressed how she felt, she doesn?t want grades that she doesn?t deserve, she doesn?t want to be considered a second class student because of her sex. In the field of physics, it isn?t normal to see women excel, but she does and she deserves because she does the work, not because she is a woman.

I think that feminists need to rethink what is best for society. They have been looking for equality for so long that they past it buy and have adopted a new form of inequality. A woman is now disadvantaged because she doesn?t have to do her best. It is enough that she is a woman. ?Tell me truthfully, would you rather go and see a male doctor that graduated at the bottom of his class, or a female doctor that shouldn?t have graduated but did because of the fact that there are not as many female doctors as male??

I think that the very early feminist movement was great; women deserve to vote, and they are just as capable of being lawyers, doctors and of holding office as are men. It is good to stand up for your rights, but don?t stand up for them on the backs of others.

In short, feminism has done a lot of good, but it can and has also done harm.

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