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hrystal Howard



Closing Miller?s Outpost

To be an essential and productive assistant manager at Miller?s Outpost, you must

understand the closing process. Closing can be difficult at first, but with practice it


much easier. The three key things to remember when closing are cleaning up the store,

performing financials, and secure the store before leaving.

The first part of the closing procedure cleaning, occurs before the store is actually

closed. Approximately one hour before closing start figure-tipping, (which is straightening

and spacing the clothes), the back half of the store while an employee starts figure-tipping

the front of the store. Then just before the store closes, check the fitting rooms for clothes

and put away astray any clothing .After that, straighten the Levi and Anchor Blue walls.

The second part of the closing process is performing the financials : once it its time to

close, you can pull the security gates and lock the doors. Then close down the register.

First, go to the manager?s main menu and choose reading of the day?s sales then choose

close register. Second, separate all the money, credit card slips, and media,( which are

exchanges, returns, voids and certificates). It is important to do this part on the floor so


can keep an eye on the other employees who are cleaning

After you finish the above steps, you are ready to take the drawer to the back of the

room that the safe and all the financial supplies are in. Count all the money and make sure

it?s the same as what you have on the reading. If there is any discrepancy, note what you

actually have on the reading. Do the same for checks, credit card slips, and the media.

Then enter the amount you have on the main computer. now, the amount that you need to

make the deposit for will print.

The deposit can be made now. Fill out a deposit slip. Where it says currency, fill out

how much currency you are depositing, and do the same for coin and checks. Media and

the credit card slips are kept in the store. After you?re finished with that, wrap the deposit

slip around the money and checks and put the deposit in the bag. Seal the bag and write

down all the requested information on it. The deposit is kept in the safe until

armored carrier picks it up.

Almost the last thing you do is close down the computer system. This is very important

to remember because all the price points and sales are downloaded overnight. Before you

leave for the night, double check that all doors and gates are locked, that the employees


a good job cleaning up, and that everyone has clocked out. The last thing you do as you

are walking out the door is enter the alarm code so that the store is protected overnight.

The most important thing to remember when you first start closing on your own is to

take your time. Forgetting to lock a door, close a gate, or count a deposit could cost you

your job. You also want to leave the store looking the best it possibly can for the morning

crew. If you keep those things in mind, you can become an essential part of the

management team at Miller?s Outpost.

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