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Abortion Essay, Research Paper


I believe that life begins at the ending of the first trimester through the pregnancy. I consider it a human when there is a beating heart and a brain that is functioning. A beating heart to me represents that there is life, and that there is signs of growth, while still in the mother’s womb. If there are no human traits that people are able to distinguish, then, to me it’s not a human being. I do understand on where the Catholic Church stands on this issue, with life beginning at conception. If the church did not believe this, then their whole perspective on abortion would probably have to change too.


The Roe v. Wade case revolved around a person fighting for their rights to an abortion. The case took place in the late 1970’s in a Texas court. It started out in a local court and eventually progressed all the way to the Supreme Court. The argument was about whether or not abortions should be made legal in the state of Texas and to set a guideline for the rest of the US. Abortions were made illegal in the latter half of the 18th century. The courts eventually ruled that abortions are legal. They said that it does not state in any of our important documents that it is illegal or we should block women’s rights to an abortion. The final Supreme Court ruling was a final decision of seven to two. I guess that at the time that this occurred, I would have probably been upset about the decision. I probably would have been a hippy, so I would have that mind of thinking that all life is precious and that you should not take it away. Now after studying all of the facts of this whole abortion issue, I would probably have to agree with the argument about a woman’s right to a decision because of privacy. I am very protective about my privacy and other people invading it and taking away my rights to it. I hate it when people go through my personal stuff and puts all of my stuff out in the open.

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